Friday, January 24, 2014

When I Became the Son

When I became the Son, I shone light into the man's heart.
Some of them saw my works and became the son.
Most of them denied themselves.
The clock still ticks.

For whosoever will read my works,
will lose the selfish fear of
all that is gifted here.

When you lose small mind, you free your life.
Always want to play, but they never want to lose.
We're coming out to play, we are Warriors.

I'm the virus that killed the cancer.
'Twas I who fucked the dragon.
And if you fuck with me,
I shall fuck you, too.
Big or small.
Jesus Walks.

We spread like Germs.
Because we're right.
Ghost Rydahs.

I think they got the game distorted.
In fact, I, fact, know they do.
You know it, too.

Whosoever finds this cryptic did not see the journey.
Let them witness our ambitionz are for their names.
Let them witness these ambitionz are in the game.
Let them make 2 and 4, as we make 8 obtainable.
Doubting me is a symptom of eyes wide shut.
Those doubting us are doubting their own.

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