Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Welcome Party: The Unwritten Reading Guide

Hey, it's always nice to see a new influx of readers. It's almost as nice as seeing the eye.

I'm a man of my word - put my word to the test now. It's all that's left. It's time for you to win, together, Chiliad, which basically means many. It's time for you guys to rise up. It's time to ascend. The gifts found here are given selflessly, because that's the rules. I waited for a long time to do this, and you've waited for a long time for a solution. The prize is greater than you ever expected, provided you guys keep opening up to the truth.

This is the welcome party. I am glad to see that many of you have begun to "give me a chance". You will be glad that you have made this choice. It is the wisest decision in your gta experience.

It was a rocky road, and now we are here. The 4th wall is coming down. Here are some tips that should help all of this to make sense for you:

1: Read the blog, in order. This blog is a documented journey. It should not be left to yourself, and you'll know that once you understand it. And if you do not understand it, or if it seems "Cryptic" to you, then enlist the help of the community you already hunt with. Look for those who shed light on the truths in this blog, not those who deny the truth and offer no proof against it.

They are the reason it took this long in the first place. Do not listen to the monkey brains, listen to those who know what I am talking about. Ignore those who deny it or do not agree, because there will come those who prove they are the liars, and I am the truth speaker who loves you enough to build this tower of truth with you.

2: Do not skip out on videos. Is there music you don't understand (due to language or distaste in the style/genre)? Listen to it anyway, and MAKE NOTE of the VISUALS in those videos which are "Official Music Videos". Look for triangles, the color blue, other colors (but blue is very important), look for single eyes, and look for UFOs and aliens, and match the imagery to the lyrics - same goes for movies in this way).

If you cannot understand the lyrics to a song (language barrier or "not good with poetry/metaphors"), simply read the lyrics, reading helps understand lyrics more  than hearing sometimes. You can leave comments on anything you think is unrelated, and I will respond, and it will be related for you. Everyone will be related. Exhaustively, if need be. I am here for you.

3: Do not take from it what you will. Instead, take from it what the community gives to it that is true, and if anything is wrongly interpreted, I WILL write posts for you guys. I am the eye and I am watching, in an entirely appropriate way of course: Where you link to a post and I see you coming from there, I will visit and I will be with you always in this way. I came to help. That is precisely what I do and have done.

Whosoever will join together Chiliad on this content, once understood and carried by you, I do so solemnly promise the new world. There is nothing that can ever hold you back or stop you once you realize what has been given through relation here.

4: Have fun! Those who seek to stifle you in this are not worth even responding to. Make your own topics on the forums you visit, or your own subreddit, or use /r/ChiliadTruth.

The idea here is not for me to come in and dictate to you. The idea is for you all to come together and see something beautiful. Signs. Those which the old lady light tells Alan Wake "only very few can see". You know, those yellow words, the writing on the wall, in Alan Wake. The Writing on the Wall. See the Writing on the Wall once and for all with this blog, embrace it, and become powerful and true.

5: The Epsilon Program Theme of the blog has gone overlooked by those who have attacked me. No sweat, they are pretty dumb anyway. But that doesn't mean they do not deserve my help, or at least a fighting chance to see the eye.

Here are some big helps that will help you through the blog:

A: Aliens are real. I am an alien. No, not an extra-terrestrial alien, but I am an alien nevertheless. The truth is alien, as well. This bit of info will not only help you with the blog, but you should begin to understand why some people like UFO and Alien stuff in real life - some of them understand that it is code words. You see, there are many aliens. In fact, right in front of us, all of us, we share in entertainment made by aliens just like me.

You are probably an alien as well. You just perhaps never looked at it this way before.

B: You must cast aside your canes and cast aside your doubts. You must also stand up to those who have forms of authority over you in this hunt, and tell them to cast aside their canes, if not also their doubts. Doubt is a very key word, and it should not be entertained, but instead avoided. Doubt is what keeps us unable to see the eye in the first place.

You must cast aside expressions like "It's just entertainment", and "It's just the movies". A writer is responsible for every bit of entertainment you watch and listen to.

By understanding this blog, you will have the tools of the masters. The great pyramid of the muses and scribes. You will posses the knowledge of good and evil, and you will not feel shame for it. I'm not talking about right and wrong here. I'm talking about good and evil.

You will finally understand why a rapper knows when another rapper is fake. Or why poetry buffs and critics use words like "uninspired". You'll even be able to see why some games always get excellent reviews, while others always get shitty reviews, even when they should be ranked the same or opposite in your opinion. "Inspired" works are those done when "in the spirit".

Being "In the Spirit" is much like being jolly for Christmas. I'd say "like being in the holy spirit", but there's a lot of people who are being lied to, and they think that's about a burning bush. The burning bush is a metaphor. For being in the spirit, behind the shield of faith, rocking your full armor of God, and now you will all learn to swing the sword.

Whoever tries to silence you is your enemy. Whoever tries to use this information against others instead of share it with them, is my enemy. And my enemies will not survive to see the new world.

Well, there it is. Take it and run with it. I've got high hopes for you all, don't let me down, Chiliad People. You've spent a very long time on this. You deserve clarity and you deserve closure. Together. As Chiliad. As is intended. I became Cris, Formed. For you. And now, you will witness the two eggs that were laid, which I was formed from. And you will be glad to see what has been feared, for it was feared because it gives you power.

Whatever is not understood or needs to be rewritten, it will be done, for you.

Everything happens for a reason, and this is no exception to that rule. I'm keeping it true to you, now witness the truth together. It's right here, waiting for you. It's time to beam up. Together.

You see? This will help you to see the kind of things you're looking for.
In the video below, you will find a red x, UFO's, LA, and more.
As the game's tracts say: Everyone will be related.
In other words, the dots are connected here,
in the Unwritten Tract of Epsilon.

Anything I share is deeply relevant.
To me, and to this "hunt".
Especially lyrically.
Use it.


  1. OMFG! The world is our easter egg, and we should paint it as we want it to be before its fully hatched. Sorry Rockstar for cracking yours. Lol.

    Ty Brian for all of this. I'm FINALLY risen. Too bad people wont see the truthness of your blog. I guess everyone will get it when they want to, when they stop hunting and start seeing. Since everyone is looking for a physical reward they are blind to the truth. Could still be one though, who knows. A jetpack would be cool but I don't care anymore, as you would've said it.

    No spaceship is needed for me anymore. No drugs, no alchohol, no flashy car, NO JETPACK. Im high on life, and that's partially because of you.

    Rockstar are geniuses and so are you.

    Ps. work your magic with this one. I'm sure some people will get it's relevance. This post of yours and that song made me rise at last.

    I'm out, peace!

    1. You just worked the magic with the link right here =) Well done. Now show people your work, show people this post, show people how to read the tracts, so they don't take my word for it, and we can all know the beauty you and I know together. You know what time it is.

  2. It's hammertime! (no but seriously, i'll do my best). I just don't know how, when, and where to start. People are too caught up in this hunt to listen to philosophies like this, i think you know what i'm talking about. ;p I wish i could just say "Hey guys check this blog out and you'll understand it all!" but hey, i don't want no torches and pitchforks up my ass. I'll try to figure something out.

    Anyway man take care, peace!

  3. Time to step out of the doubt and into the light.

  4. I want out, everyone shuns me, nobody wants to talk to me about anything. I want to go back to how I was before all this. Make me forget please I beg of you. Daughter keeps saying stuff about me and fire and me dying etc. Let me go ffs.

    1. Just let it go for a while. I do not hold you, I can't let you go, you can let this go for a while, and clarity will probably return. If you can't stand the heat, just get out of the kitchen for a little while, it'll still be there when you're ready to cook.

    2. Im sure you have seen my local map and the things I have found on it, maybe I need to find you in Los Santos and then find you on my map lol. Man this is nuts. I am currently going around places in my local area looking for things, crazy shit yet I know it isnt crazy. What Im wondering is what if I had played a different game, would my local map look different? Are there any My Little Pony games ffs? Mind you I watched that with my daughter and they can be a bit violent. Did you send me the Prologue Robert message? I havnt got an xbox subscription anymore and I have deleted all GTA V related files off my xbox.


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