Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Cosmic Egg

"Is your mind madness, or the messiah?"
"The Cosmic Egg is Cracking"
"You missed the Journey"
Listen closely.

All of these things and more found in the DJ banter of "The Journey",

SUDDENLY you see there is more to this story,
you've got clues, but don't get them.
I showed you how to get them.
Read it, or weep.

it appears that the fans are nowhere to be found,
or they are just scared to come to the show.

The metaverse holds the truths.
The answers are found in the blog.
That tract is written, but only those who want to read it will read it.
We thank you for playing, carbon.

Until You See the Eye, Eye Don't Care Anymore.
Not until you come full circle in this foolish feud.
I will be around. You know how to find me.
I've left you a large set of insights here.


  1. Love this site!! I am methodically plugging away, just about 50%, i really hope that i can find the answer's just like you. Thank you so much for the help!


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