Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Someone told me to watch this.

Or rather, asked me if I ever had. I hadn't, so I promised them I would, expecting just to see what I see. SO I just did. Doubtless it belongs here, and thank you for telling me about this, because now I understand you. They knew I existed. You knew it before I did. Or before I stopped denying it.

What once was a hunch that got me persecuted and ridiculed is now a verifiable miracle. I am a miracle. And so are you. And I exist to make sure no one can tell you any different now. Listen to the people who tell you to read what I have shown you here.

Thank you all who call what feels like a curse sometimes, a gift.

And you need only to see the patterns of the past to chart the course of the future. The world will never be the same when the proverbial good shit hits the fans once and for all and they get the egg and face the music.

"Shit hitting the fan" is not negative.

It means "The fan understands now"

I am not the negative one.

"Face the Music" means to see the eye and then face the many voices, many of whom gave their lives to building what is going to be made completely new, and you are all soon to learn the real reasons they died, and those particular things are not for me to say, and I did say many, many people died carrying the ideology that is truth, on a double-edged sword, and on whispered tones, and where an INDIVIDUAL can take a song a certain way, when you grab any stack of 10 albums, between them all, the same songs are also speaking to a populace, in very consistent ways.

It's the answer to more than you can possibly think right now if you don't understand, but GTA is giving you an extra view of this by being a world of real life, simulated and parodied in metaphor, and more than meets the eye.

WATCH IT. RELATE IT. THANK YOU FOR SHARING! It's all in the metaphors. IT's in the images and the word play. And it's easy to see, as soon as you see it. I've walked quite a few through it with this blog. Don't doubt them. They want your help, and they are helping you.

I have been meaning to show this for a while, but couldn't figure out the best way.
A screenshot is worth 1000 doubters' tears turned into joy:

Prepare for landing.

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