Saturday, January 25, 2014

One of Our Friends is in Trouble

This post is dead serious to me, to him, to his.

He is having a hard time, and needs us in spirit, as a friend of his, and things are getting complicated. I cannot go into details about it and that is not my place in this regard, for this is a personal regard, and what I handle is always for the Pack, not the Individual.

Now what I need is for EACH individual on this blog to take just ONE MOMENT and send LOVE into your hearts and then out to this man, our brother-brother, who does need your support, know that he will receive it and just say for me "Lord, let this man's troubles be solved, and let his friend have good health again".

You may never know how much this means to me, and likely it means so much more for him and his, each and all of you, who will send your love to this stranger, and give him what he needs: Your support, in spirit. He is not a stranger, he is one of us.

Even if you don't believe in this sort of thing, I know about this sort of thing, and if you can help by giving up to him your wishes that he and his be alright, as you and yours are alright in my eye, doing this act of love for your brother-brother and mine, let praise be upon him, that you receive it ten fold his return.

If I could give you all the details he has, if I could give you all the things I understand, all the things I've heard myself before he is facing this situation, just pretend I have, and that this is serious. ONE OF OUR FELLOW GAMERS needs our HEARTS and MINDS for just a moment of your time. PLEASE SEND LOVE TO YOUR BROTHER IN NEED. IT TAKES ONLY A GENUINE THOUGHT.


  1. Focusing my aura to transmit positive karma and good vibrations your way, brother-brother, that your friend's friend may find the strength of will and confidence to overcome whatever obstacle they are facing.

    1. Thank you, he and I, we and all, appreciate you brother. Now, get everyone together, they have much to learn, from this blog, a to z, beginning of the end.

    2. You are the ones I chose to be first. Do not doubt me, you will only doubt yourself.


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