Saturday, January 18, 2014

On Evolution

Evolution? It's bullshit, friends. Covered it here also. Vaguely. I meant to make some of the words link this - sorry, a lot this shit got left out but I knew I would return to much of it later when people started realizing. Trey Smith made the best presentation ever, so this post is for him:

Please bear in mind, this is about Darwinism directly. Short answer: It's for the bird.

The odds of our existence should be known as 1:1. Mankind will make many discoveries based on the claim that I just made (and made a few other times in the blog). Watch the video, and you'll understand what I mean, when you see the odds of our universe existing. I say there needs to be a new formula, which is back-hacked to support 1:1 odds, or "true". A story for another day.

We are not evolved. We are devolved. We are a mutation, not an evolution. A loss of information, rather than a gain. A closed mind is havoc to your DNA. It is because of the way we live and treat each other. These topics will be covered at length when more people realize my works.

Don't be upset with xmarqsthespot. He is true, and he only sounds funny to you because you are still indoctrinated by lies, and he has seen the VERIFIABLE truth in my works. And x, don't worry about it. There is a lot to learn. This is just the beginning, and you're here early. =)

And remember people, he was VERY VOCALLY AGAINST ME BEFORE THIS - so that should tell you something. Listen to him, like you already always have. X, you are not alone. When you guys who know now start coordinating and coming together, you will be able to mediate for those who do not understand. As a force, it is written.


You guys who have read have showed up earlier than expected, so help people to see, but try to point them to what you know is already verified (my blog is a great tool for that, maybe things that you find important, like the posts with the San Andreas radio or the posts with the IV radio - I share those because you guys already have the V radio, the V radio is SO IMPORTANT TOO, I listened to and watched all that I can).  =)


  1. Because I sounded of anonymous praise you chose to keep me in the shadows. I understand, however our minds connect on the same frequency. -of the same clay- I truly love what you are doing and have enjoyed every post and link, wayseer. I hope to make contact soon. Eye know you know me by my exit... -The Underground Overman-

    1. You can get my email from the donate button (no need to donate/no expectation of donation, just for the theme of crazy ass epsilonism/entertainment value).

      We do connect, because we are the chosen ones. Those who do not connect will be connect or alienated. In due time. =)

  2. You should let people know that the same people moderating chiliadmystery are using other accounts to sow dissent amongst participants and downvote anything which doesn't conform to what they feel is relevant. Between the trolls and the mods, the sub is essentially a propaganda mechanism, which is funny considering how they portray you and your blog.


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