Monday, January 20, 2014

GTA V is a call to American Revolution and New World Order

"This is broken. Can I return it?"

GTA V is to be interpreted in a similar fashion to Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy is a metaphor for the lied-to American Public, and the Yellow Brick Road means "Follow the Paper Trail", only much much more detailed and plain-form easy to see.

This is an absolute fact. Your "search" is really "denial".

You know, but you're acting like you don't know. Now is not the time for fantasies. This fan fiction is protected by the law, and the law is scared to put people on it anyway, because their agents always become our agents. Because we show them how much they are being lied to and controlled.

We are a nation that holds no land and drowns your lies with the waters of truth. The whole world is ours. You just don't realize it yet.

Unseen Foreign Occupation.

I am medium, hear me know, see me prove, watch us rise. That is why I am able to write all of this. All the things that I predicted, that came to pass on my blog. You have the nerve to call me crazy? You who are against me? You will fail.

No one can hide the truth from me, and no one can intelligently refute me. This is why I will be successful in destroying all control freaks, doubters, and liars. What you have seen here is not the beginning, nor the end. Just a drip in a bucket which, as you can see, already pervades into everything you enjoy. I am everywhere. Like it or not. We don't care. We are the future. You are the forgotten past.

When you talk down on me, you talk down on every person linked in this blog, every song you like, and every movie you watch, every game you play, and the exceptions to that are few and far between.

Does this stuff scare you? Don't be scared. There is nothing scary about using the truth to set yourselves free.

We know what it is. And so do you. You just are praying for it to be something else. Well, it isn't.

We run it. You know. You're just acting like you don't know.
It's going down.

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