Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back From The Dead

Back from the dead?
I did that.

I'm Commander Shepherd, your canes gotta get lost.
Cause see, the smoking man hired me to bring the reapers to light.



  1. Hey man. First of all, you're a fucking genious. No, seriously! I'm shocked about how much you know about everything, There should be more people like you on this planet.

    I've been following this blog and most of your posts and I am beginning to understand what you're message is (and now that i understand, i realize that i've been knowing for a long time!). I know that we are beeing controlled, supressed, confused etc. by the people who rule us. They hide the truth from us. And i understand that rockstar is trying to recreate this, artisticly, in their own kind of way, aka making awesome video games.

    I seriously cant understand why people hate you and why they wont listen to what you say (because what you say is the truth and nothing but the truth, just a bit cryptic). My guess is that they're either to young and unexperienced to understand, or they just dont want to accept the facts. They just want the jetpack (the reward), without taking the journey.

    Now to cut things short: Since you are so well enlightened (spelling?) and have a magic way with words, you should really give the people the info they need, in terms they can understand. I mean not just go on and on with your regular mysterious talk (no offence, i really love what you're doing). Instead drop a few CLEAR facts now and then, facts that could make people believe in you and really see the big picture. I can ofcourse understand why you do this the way you do, this is a mystery and what point would it be if the truth is out, everybody gets their jetpack, and still haven't learn from the big lesson R* is trying to teach us.

    See the world from the hunters perspectives, only after that you can help them see the eye.

    1. I greatly appreciate you, and yep, the tracts are metaphors for truth.

  2. And oh by the way... This dude is on the right track right?http://www.reddit.com/r/chiliadmystery/comments/1ncrtu/why_the_epsilon_tracts_are_significant_xpost_from/


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