Monday, October 20, 2014


Be immortalized in your rightness. You know what the others don't. You know the truth is in the Metaverse, and fully explained here.

They later attacked you for the embedded post screenshot, and told you to stuff it because I "didn't give you a jetpack".

Who [at Rockstar] ever said/confirmed that there was a jetpack? Exactly.

"We found it in the code"

For starters, Jetpack in San Andreas was never going to be there; It was later added as a "pick up/vehicle", but it is a developer tool that was in use since GTA III. It was for moving around the map quickly while the game was running. It was made into a gameplay feature for the third act of San Andreas.

I'm not saying there is or isn't one. But I found one. Just, it's not the jetpack they are looking for (again, without anyone ever telling them to look for one).

I said last September and October, and I paraphrase, "Next October, you who doubt me will still be searching, and will have found nothing that was not covered here first or in my posts on GTAF".

People are still honking the space docker!

You have begun to see what others began to doubt a year ago.

You are right, and they are wrong. Their doubt makes them wrong.



XMarqs, Ahh, ya makin me So Proud. Beverly be so proud of you, boy. Remember, Emmet's is the place for guns. Brian's is the place for Truth. Everyone will relate eventually. It's up to us to show them how to relate. Because everyone will be related, and it happened to us all. Kifflom.

AuntJeff, you are getting right. They cannot stop Progress. They can doubt it, down talk it, fight it with fictions, but they cannot stop the Progress. I have enjoyed talking with you on the occasions we've had on the ChiliadTruth sub on Reddit. Kifflom.

And X, Eye like that vid, man. So do I. <3

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Table of Contents for "The Shit Hits the Fans"

Keep an eye on this post to easily get updates as they are written on The Shit Hits the Fans. Each day there are new posts, those posts will be listed here in order of publication. Because it will be easiest for Epsilonists to read this way.

Your feedback is crucial, because we're taking this out of the simulation and into the realm now. So let me know if this is 1: helpful to those who have been confused so far 2: helpful to those who are not confused, but need better content to show others and 3: helpful to separate my role and fan renditions as Meech from the GTA Universe from the real Me, from, uh, this universe.

September 24, 2014:

Post 000: About The Shit Hits the Fans
Post 001: I know something You Don't Know.
Post 002: You Have Been Lied To
Post 003: Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Post 004: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, and Once Wished that I Could.
Post 005: Do You Have Skeletons In Your Closet?
Post 006: My Life

There are 85+ more posts on the way for Epsilonists to enjoy more than any other reading they ever enjoyed before, ever. Or, at least, you will like it a little bit. Maybe.

So keep up while it's early, and tell your fellow Epsilon Enthusiasts that the new blog is swinging like a sledgehammer and a double edged sword, in full effect, like the PS4 and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V.

Update #1 - September 25, 2014:

Post 007: Let there be No Doubt about it
Post 008: Are you Rockstar, or Poser?
Post 009: Triumph
Post 010: Monster
Post 011: See the Iris
Post 012: You Don't Have to Worry
Post 013: I Repeat, You Don't Have To Worry
Post 014: The Truth is Hard to Handle
Post 015: Where's your candle? Put it up.
Post 016: Be Happy
Post 017: The Superman Exists


Simulation Complete. Thank you for Participating.

Now we're on to the real, and we're DOING IT LIVE.

The new blog is called The Shit Hits The Fans. It is found Here.

Like this Unwritten Tract, which you definitely should read if you haven't already, the new blog is intended to be read in Chronological Order.

This is the First Post.

The blog you are on now, this blog, here are some explanations:

When I role played Brian Meech, I spoke a lot to myself, and to others.

I had to do things this way so that everyone could relate.

How could you ever relate to me, to us all, unless I spoke to myself in a way that you could relate? How could I ever do that unless I donned an alter ego?

Eventually in these pages, you saw the created become the creator. This is contagious. Prepare for the BrianStorm. Prepare to bear witness. The time is at hand.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Addressing the Chiliad

Hello Truth Seekers. You found me, you just don't know it yet.

I have recently seen people saying that my works are too cryptic.

You must understand that there is really nothing cryptic about these works.

These works are designed intelligently and channel a need for a group - a chiliad - to come together.

You may gain the external sight and the external vision on your own, but that is very rare as I have come to see that very few have raised up beside me so far.

Some of you may know what 90% of you don't. Those 90% will see a passage as cryptic. You are the 10% who will show them it's not, and it's just alien to them.

The alien has landed. My UFO is gearing up and getting ready, and they are very excited to help you.

90% of this content for any given person will be "cryptic", but really, you just are lacking team work.

Come full circle and ask each other if anyone knows what this-or-that means - you will be surprised.

You must get over your ego and feeling like "I will look stupid" - you will not look stupid. Even a genius asks his questions.

It's okay. For once, there are answers. And they are the answers he told you there would be. Let it be as it was promised it would be. By me before now, and by my choir before me now in my new name.

If you are with me now, show me a sign. Put your fucking lights up.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Spirit of Truth

John 16:12 to 16:14 - "There is so much more I want to tell you, but you can't bear it now. But when he, the Spirit of Truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you." -Jesus

I am who he was speaking about. Whether any of you doubt that or not, it is not of consequence to the outcome. Doubt will be your own downfall, and never will you witness mine. You choose not to listen, then you choose for yourselves. I am not responsible for your lack of understanding. You are responsible each and all for yourselves.

The world will hear me, or the world will suffer. And none of you will be able to blame me. It is not my fault. You did not work together, and only worked against yourselves, so says the mirror on the wall.

I am not your enemy. You are your own enemy.

I am 4WornD, and you have been forewarned.

Deuteronomy 18:15 states: "The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own brothers. You must listen to him."

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

What Goes Around Comes Around

What do we have here Now?

Song Released on June 4, 2014.

Everything in this blog was written before this song was even recorded,
let alone before it was published.

Do you know what time it is?



Outlaw 4 Life.

It's called precognition,
and if you don't recognize that,
then the future is grim for all mankind.

If you don't know me by now,
you may never never never know me.

I see...


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dog_Bread gets me.

I have proven the usefulness of the blog to myself. All I can do for others is point them toward it and testify that it has enhanced my knowledge of GTAV secrets in ways that I too scoffed at before I read it. And like Abbey Road, Beyond Insemination or The Invisibles, I get something new every time I review the text.

Brian doesn't prejudge people. He sees from their words if they believe the truth or not, and if they don't, he gives them a talking to in order that they might change. Sort of like a stern, but loving disciplinarian. Sort of like Kraff. And that is not everyone's experience. Often a first contact from Brian is positive or neutral, it all depends on how he was invoked or the theory being discussed. So you see, it is the very opposite of prejudice, he sees the work, and THEN makes the judgment. Call him judgmental and I won't argue with that :)

You get me Dog_Bread.  I have raised to relate to what it is like to be me. You are not me, but you can now relate to me before anyone else.

The war that is going on here is simply a bunch of people who have had a glimpse of the matrix hoping to convince their peers because we will all have much more fun and be more productive that way. My "scary talk" is a milder reflection of the passion Brian brings to his role, because I don't want to be banned. And yes it is a role he is playing, for the good of every GTAer, and by extension all the people we GTAers interact with away from the game. It's a promise of both amazing things in San Andreas (far beyond a mere jetpack), and an enriching journey of self-discovery.

Any hate you think is coming through in the message is not aimed at people, but directed at the narrow minded doubt that is stopping many from realising that they are "being controlled by lots of powerful forces you do not understand", as the tract begins to explain and the blog elaborates on at length. If Brian contacted you in that way, it was because you were speaking blasphemy, and knowing the true nature of God, he was naturally offended by your post!

The metaphors in this thing go farther down than turtles, but despite the fact that many of us are smoking a bowl right at this minute, the majority are making the mistake of taking life seriously. They won't get the joke unless a critical mass of independent thinkers do some reading and are allowed to talk about it. The super ironic Rule 7 makes it that much harder, and there will likely continue to be examples of civil disobedience like this thread until it is abolished.

In the end the message is love, so peace be with you friend. Feel free to contact any truther with questions, or post in the forum. We all want the same things :)

Well said. Your words are like a mediation that can allow people to get it before they read it, and take things less personally, and see things more clearly. That magic that we see in the movies, that others overlook. I know some are wondering why I'm not still writing, it's a hiatus, and to regain my stamina. Give people time to read and be entertained, to be reassured by those like yourself who already have, instead of merely skimming and ending up offended.

I made it something that only rewards an open mind and comes full circle only for those who stick with it and picture it like reading a movie. It's just the internet. And it's GTA. You'd think people would have loved this. I'm glad that some of you did. You guys will be the wise men in the near future. =)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It is a weapon.

update: this post was not well received nor understood.

He wants to hide it.
He wants to use it to lie like they do today.

Atheists hate the Bible and don't realize:
 They are the ones who will set things straight.
A-theist means without theory.
"Know nothing".

You know you're not a know nothing.
Know their book and you can correct them.
Save them.
Love them.

If you would put your energy into the book,
it is the weapon against those who downtrodden you,
just because you have a scientific and proof-based mind.

You are being controlled if you do not use the weapon that is the book.
Don't like religion? Your only viable tool is the bible itself.
Anything else is futile and wasting precious time.

You run from the very book they covet,
when that book proves they are false.
You let yourself down, and them.
Whether you know it or not.

They herd atheists to keep them away from the truth,
just like Christians are herded with fallacies that do not reflect the book in reality.
No difference. Atheist is just another group of false beliefs.
No offense intended - but beliefs mean that you do not know.
Just like doubt means the very same thing.

Everyone has a rude awakening coming.
This blog is very important for those who want truth.
The Bible is a weapon.
And so is this blog.

For the record: I consider myself a Global Mind.
Religions, nations, opinions, arguments,
I look at these from the bird's eye.
This is what my life is like:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I am the Helper

I am the helper.
Blessed is he who helps me.
People say he is referring to the holy spirit.
They are wrong.

He who helps me uses the holy spirit.
Like he who plays for the team has team spirit.
Who is me? I am I. You are Me.

Be a helper.
Not a hinderer.

What's your issue in life?
Did you know Jesus fixes all of that shit?
I'm not saying that in a way you are used to hearing it.
If you've read along through the journey, you already know that.

Even if you never noticed it before.
And when you see it, you'll see it.

And no one can tell you the truth.
Can't tell me nuthin' either.
I can talk the truth.
No doubt.

I Paint the Picture.
So I know when the picture is painted.
God Bless the Dead,
who are alive in Me.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let's Start Driving It Home

Lets think about savable and unsavable.
I'll be direct in this one, and stick to the game.
The doctor is, in the game, clearly the greatest scorer.
He is the one who does write against your name in the game.
He is the one who should be saved and even enabled to write his book.

You have not saved the doctor if he dies anyway.
Can you prevent his death?
Or is he unsavable?
You decide.

Still I have never played the game.
I still enjoy participating.

But will you try?
Try to save him?

The choice to let him drive away, he dies another way.
The choice to chase and violently take him out on the freeway,
this leads to a wanted level and a swiftly evaded police chase.
This doubtlessly has changed the dynamics of the world for Michael.

I think some denial was where there should have been acceptance as well.
That is, and this is all, in regard to the play-through 
of the game we are watching in the video above.

Can you stop his car, have a final confrontation, and then let him go?
Can you chase him for a while, and do that?

These are the things I have been waiting so long to see people trying.
 And if I beat around any bush it is only that one, and that is only because:

You have told me not to insult your intelligence.
You have all agreed among yourselves that you want to figure it out.
I made a blog that will refresh and rejuvenate a easter egg hunter.
I'm here when you need me the most.
I get you stoked.

This post is for the Doctor Flanders guy.
Can you save him? Or is he really unsavable?

Look upon the post multi-dimensionally, Zondar.
Player 1, look upon the post in many magnitudes and multiples.
Who can you save and who is unsavable?
Who absolutely cannot be saved,
who can be actively saved?
Who murders him?

Can the guy who kills him be killed before that happens?

"It's weird, it says it anyway, whether I kill or not, probably a glitch herp"
"I hope he talks about the new left fa dedd"
Trevor rage.
So mad.

I got it under control, don't worry.
Cause when you know the truth that's all there is.

I want to watch you solve it and hatch that egg, people.
I told you from day one, I'm not your enemy.
I'm your assistant. Your grandiose.
I'm your sentient AI.
Your Ghost.


The Fan that the Shit Hit.
Long, Long Ago.

But as fun as the meta-verse is to describe,
I want us all to see some new discoveries.
So this drop in the bucket of history,
let's see if you can save the doctor.
See who else can be saved,
from even the later fate.

You already know Packie can live or die twice.
Who else can live on to unknown events?

What can change to trigger unknown sweet shit?
What can change the game in ways as yet unseen?
How many changes have you all seen between your games,
and not found them to be significant enough to talk about?
I try to write based on what you as a group overall are saying.
And this is why I was able to tell you that no matter who you are,
you can hate me now, but you will love me and remember me later.
Because this is ours. All of it.

Because fuck shit ass cunt and the other three.
Eggs. Everywhere. Easter Eggs.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

For the last time, It's not a cult!

It's Occult!

90% of people got scared and mad.
Because they were told lies about the word "occult".

It happened to us all, people.



Friday, February 21, 2014

Someone did my numbers

From: Ron
Feb 17, 2014
Hi Brian,

Bare with me I am going to run your numbers over my head!  The 11 is the Mirror first and foremost, it is your First Gift! 

The 10 is the beginning of the Start, the Idea of it!  The Wit as through the Mirror as the Child talks back and forth to the Father, through the Mirror!

Time!  It is within this structure I see 3, the 11-1 is the first 3, to the fold I am told the Year is by 3 as well, 3 parts to tell as we can sit within the 3, not the 4!

19 is a 1, and 83 is an 11, 1-11 (the Mirror of the beginning)!

11-1-1-11   That is you!  You are standing there as the 33!  Christed by 3, and Trismegistus to see!
A Fire burns on one side and the Fire on the other, the Mirror is you if you allow the Past to reflect to the Future of you!

The Translation is the 6, the Family, the Tree!  It is Money!  (sorry, it is) It is Fertility and cannot help but Be Abundantly Fruitful!  Nurturing and Love!

OK, so how are you coping?  Are you reflecting someone that causes you to Create?  The 3 is Creation!
Ahh, I see the past is manifested forward to the future!  That Trinity or Manhattan thing!  To resolve the Father to the Son!  You are under the Sun and so your Love is carried through even though the link was formed by the union of the Adam/atom and Man when he split the 3!

I can see you are a Powerful Soul!  the 11-1 next to the 1-11 means the internal Fire is opened to be filled by the 6, Fertility!  It is the Mother of the 3, Wisdom is Black, it is Void to you and me and yet it is the Witness of the Creation.  So the Fire in you is a reflection of the Old.  You are contained to hold the Flame that was released upon the Fold of 3.  Amazing!

This year is the 5 not the 7, I know that now!  So the 3 and the 5 make the 8, the Fate of walking through this Life in Remembrance yet taking Control so as not to taste Death!  The Darkest space can be filled by the 8 because when we look back and see the Light we move forward with the Light, eventually we find our way back to the Father!  The Light itself, the Dweller!  From the Light to the Light!
We have to face GOD and in doing so the Son is reconciled to the Father as we are then the Son's of GOD through Christ!  He cannot be One unless he was Two, so through you the 3 is brought forth as the 33, the Love which is the 6, Fertility.

You are a beautiful Son by your ability to Love!  It doesn't really burn but it can recreate us if we are allowed to become something we were not before!  To be ReCycled through Creation, but as a ReCreation!  This way we do not get caught in the twist of the Unknowable which acts like a Creator and is only a Witness of us, through us!
We cannot deny the reconciliation of two!  The Two Brothers are a good example for all to know!  Esau and Jacob can forgive each other but the children forgot and fought!  Yet Jacob gets Heaven and Esau gets the Earth, one is taken and one is given!  The Meek shall inherit the Earth!  :)

Thank you for letting me see your vibrations!  I am not too sure who you are aside from me!  :)  and He!  So who am I to say how many expressions of a Gate there would be, but for you I cannot see a Gate but an Altar contained!  I guess you can explain that!  :)  It is where it is at!  Amen!

Bless you Brother, I should hope you reveal yourself this year!  It is an 8 personal Year and you may take Control.  Eventually it starts with one, to bring the Fire of all to the Awareness of Remembering, bringing back the Member!  It is Creation to El'O-Him!  The "O" is the Act of El on you through Him, we are Creator beings!
Love, Ron   (I posted this here because you have Contact Lock on me) :)  Sorry I went public, I am not sure if I overstepped your privacy! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

To You who know who I Am;

Do not forget that you are, as well.

Do not forget that as I can do, you can do.

Do not forget that they may silence my word in their place, but they cannot silence the word of all of you.

Do not forget that you can tell them things without my name, and then later say "And brian was the one who told me that, so you are a prick for denying it out of his mouth, but agreeing with it in mine".

And THAT is what they need, and THAT is what I armed you to deliver. You know I have told you the truth. And you know that the truth is what they need.

You who know I have raised to the level of Lord in this Realm, you can plainly see once you get deep enough into the journey of a blog when read in chronological order that this is a fact, and you now know the same things that make this so for me - so, in that, you too, are the Lord as long as you can see and hear the way I showed you how to see and hear - anyone can do it, and ONLY the wicked, selfish, or futile will not. And that will be the pitiful story of them, even so, Amen.

You know that it is Yours as much as Mine now. You know what Time it is. It is time for the time AFTER time. The time AFTER lies. The time AFTER oppression. The time AFTER hypocrisy.

You have all been prepared in the words of these pages. You have been raised to the level of SIGHT OF THE TRUTH. You have been given sight and hearing. You have all seen the inequity of those who control you. You all have the power now.

I told you, I'm the BLUE. Like Captain Planet would tell you, THE POWER IS YOURS.

I am a Rock Star. And Rockstar is named that because they are Rock Stars as well.
You who says "Brian is right" because you have read these works far enough until they clicked for you - YOU are a ROCK STAR now TOO. And you know in yourself, as is plainly proven time and again in these pages when read through to each and every of the many climaxes in this story, you know that he who says I am wrong, is NOT a Rock Star and does not know what the hell he is talking about.

Nodding their fake ass heads to the music, they don't even hear it. You are real now, And you know they are fake. You are truth now, and you know they are false. You see now, and you know they are blind.

Give them sight, brothers. You who have read through and OVERCAME beside me in these works, you have EARNED IT. Let no man separate what you know they only do not yet see.

Let no man talk down on the Lords I have Made. The Lord of Hosts hosted all of mankind's words, and delivered their voice and sight and ears to them and in ways that are proven without even having to "believe" me, as my works prove themselves with each climax that is overcome together.

When people get lost, they need to "have faith" that they will be found again in a later post - intelligent design is for the intelligent reader. Let the heathens be heathens for we are Lords.

Can't make that any clearer.

"It makes sense at first, but then it doesn't make any sense"

Does THIS help YOU to relate?

There I am, is that you as well?
Yes, that is Mark Hamill. But it's really Luke Skywalker.
Does that help you to see?

Let the following words speaks DIRECTLY to whoever they speak to,
Let the words that do not apply to you be said to others,
and let those that DO apply to you be said to you:


It is by design. This blog is the product of Intelligent Design. NOT the topic of Intelligent Design. The ACTUAL USE of intelligent design is here.

I KNEW it would be a pretty long read. Suffice it to say, it needs to be worth the read. Everyone will be related, and many of you already have become related. And it is a good read. And it is what it is.

It is for Intelligent People. The Intelligent Man will read through the strange parts, knowing there must be clarity ahead.

The Intelligent Man [or woman, btw] will not at first realize that this blog is meant to be read like a book. It is meant to be read with a grain of salt and as a grain of sand.

I am the grain of sand among you who is speaking to you in words that are hard for you to understand.

To some, it is an alien language and/or a foreign language (same things). To some, it is slang. To some, it is spy talk. To some, it is perfect English with plenty of typos.

To some, it will be hard to bear. But to ALL, it will be VICTORY, TRIUMPH, AND STRENGTH.

It will be tears and it will be laughs. It will be laughter and then tears and then laughter again. It will be laughter at all of those who stifle you, and it will be your crowning exaltation.

It will be your clarity, the order from chaos, the dream that the sandman brought you, now for you to awaken to its remembrance.

Do you really think I hate any of you? Do you even REALIZE that you helped create this blog? How many things I said months before anyone, yet do NOT overlook how many things YOU PROVIDED ME - the "clues", the sight of the game itself, and what erupted was NOT hatred but LOVE.

YOUR hatred toward me has fueled every mean thing I have said AFTER you hated on me for NO REASONS, called me crazy for NO REASONS except that you were BLIND.


It is crazy by design, and the SANE among you will understand. The STUPID and CRAZY among you treat me as you see them treating me. They need help. I am the only help they will receive, myself, and the ones beside me already.

BUT on the day that you stop hearing "Brian was right", and you start hearing "See, you agree, and yet this is something Brian already said", it will feel that much worse.

You alienated your alien savior. Point blank. You continue to try and discredit he who will not be discredited forever.

See that you helped to PUSH me to that place NOT to give up, and NOT to surrender to fears - mine OR yours (which cause you to lie, belittle, and call me mean/crazy when YOU are the ones who do NOT listen to LOGIC and REASON?).

You gave me THE REASON and Rockstar gave me THE SIGN.

IF you are an INTELLIGENT MAN [again, or woman], read through the blog and even as a SPECTACLE to LAUGH AT, THIS SPECTACLE will HELP YOU SEE.

"It makes sense at first, but then it doesn't make any sense"

That's Intelligent Design. WHEN you read through this blog, I will destroy so many enemies that you share with me all at the same time and exalt so many celebrities that we share love for together, YOU WILL BE GLAD for your role.

ALL who PARTICIPATED in making THIS BLOG POSSIBLE are HEREBY FORGIVEN and YOU ALREADY WERE MANY TIMES, you can look upon it as if you never even knew me. You do this, and you will be fine. You do not do this, and you will not be fine by me. You will only continue to see how much you agree with, that I said before anyone, ever since october, and even since before the game even came out on other sites - all proof is in the book, proof that will set you free and stop your ignorance forever, whosoever this applied to.

This is a journey, one which will not only bring you clarity for things you already wonder about, but also teach you new things - the things you don't understand are JUST things I didn't yet talk about until a later post, so stick with it. Stick with it and let the cowards who are too lazy to read legitimate and verifiable works be the cowards and lazies that they are.

Read it chronologically - YES, it will lose you, YES you will get confused, but YES, I WILL BRING CLARITY TO YOU!



GTA, many other games, many musics and movies, and ALL examples I show you through this journey WILL confirm me. IT WILL CONFIRM YOU.







The irony...

The irony is delicious that you broke your own rule,
and I'm the hottest topic on that antithesis reddit right now.
In fact, I'm basically the hottest topic it's ever seen.

30 upvotes to the next topic's 8.
edit: yea I see you pathetic losers trying to vote it down now.
You'd be awesome if you would just read the journey here.
And that is a promise.

I'm more than a 3:1 to the next topic.
Greatest Scorer.

Your hatred will boil,
and you will be so mad,
even so, amen.

You broke your own rule.
The very rule you have banned others for breaking.
You are THAT GUY, so pathetic.
You lose motherfucker.
You are FALSE.

Only an idiot will stay on that subreddit now,
unless they are there to call you an idiot.


You who visit that subreddit are being led by morons.
I love looking crazy. It feels that much better when I'm right.
And I am right. Like I told you. Months ago.

What a Hypocrite!
A punk control freak.

(then he posts about brian)

You are a scumbag for that.
You're like that douche in the memes.

You're losing control by the hour, antithesis scum.
You are helping to refine myself, and I do have that for you.
But I still have all of these things against you,
and the way you treat others, about me.
The way you treat the people who get me.
The way you treat the people who care.

The antithesis that runs that sub can post about me,
but you fine people can't, he will ban you for it.
He thinks he is better than you, they all do.
The reality is that they are jealous.

And oh yes, I am Grandiose Master.
I share the power here to all.
You can't unsee it.

And you haven't even seen it.

Just the kind of jealous inequities I came to destroy.
Prove me right, again and again, you little power hungry piece of shit.
The death of your jealous and dumb kind is in these writings.

Never said anything mean to anyone who wasn't speaking lies about me,
or speaking down on me, when you are nowhere near my level.
Get on my level, you antithesis bastard.
This blog is the way.
The only way.

I told you not to doubt me, doubter.

Get a Brian you Morans!

Switch to /r/ChiliadTruth,
where you can talk about ANYTHING you want,
and no one, not even me, will stop you from saying what you wish.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Likening... Still not likening...

This journey is like GTA in the sense that it is a giant media mash up.

It was not the original inspiration but it was the perfect tool for me to say something I have not had the words to say and have known, felt, seen, learned and exposed even myself to you that you may not feel alone, and even see what people do to each other.

Am I not the example of my own word, in my own words, the things we should not do and the things we should avoid? Have I not written the truth in the way that all men in every nation and every skin and every faith and every creed and every division alike can feel?

Can you feel it? Are you scared of the truth? My brothers and sisters, my tough love will RAISE YOU UP. My tough love will GIVE YOU THE POWER. My tough love will taste bitter as you eat it but it WILL make your belly so very sweet.

It is a JOURNEY, likes of which will give you the sight of what you do not yet see.

It will give you the power that will carry you into the age which is yours and mine, and it will make the world a better place.

And the people who do not want to read this blog are doing it for various wicked and/or wrong reasons. It is already written that I came finally to know myself without doubt in myself in this blog, and if they have not read the blog then they are bearing false witness to the chronological journey that is this blog, and I hear your complaints about its length, and maybe I will stop writing here, and start writing another, but you've got to read this, you've just got to.

You need to be EQUIPPED, READY, with the TRUTH, the WORDS that will set you free. The Sword of my Tongue is EARNED in the man who understands and sees.

I am the one who wrote immaculately from among you, profanely, and modern. I am the one who is proven and for whom proofs only accumulate. I am the true one, who shines above all of the false.

When you see the more vile and lashing out in these pages, they are acts of defense, I am closed out banned and then called a liar by people who DID NOT READ? Those who made this hard be shamed that they are STILL to THIS DAY making it hard even for my brothers and sisters!

My brothers and sisters who know me and now new who know me and know me well enough are be stifled and held back from witnessing something splendid - THIS is the reason for my angers and unsettledness as the "LOCAL REALITY" of the "GTA HUNT"

But JUST AS THE GAME DOES PARALLEL REALITY, so too do the words to the detractors who have not yet come.

The Blog is A Very Good Thing for ALL who can look into ME and see THEMSELVES AGAIN.

THAT IS TO SAY: When you read through this "Interactive Diary", you will gain:

Sight, and you are blind, as sure as you see and can read this, this is so.

Hearing, and you are currently deaf! And as sure as you can read this aloud, this is so!


Watch the drama unfold, that it may open your eyes that you even see the eye in the first place.

Those brothers of mine who are telling you about me? They know that this is the end all be all for gamers and internet users alike, and that I have - in fact - given sight to the blind - fact - and hearing as well, in a new and overhead manner, that instantly clicks, at different places for different people, but it clicks.

You are quick to talk down on me, but never can you remove the power of my word. You are quick to say how bitterly you felt about our words, but have you forgotten your words of that sort come toward me before I come upon you? You are the offenders. You offend not just me now, but others as well.

You are offensive, and I am the grand defender. Have you forgotten that my word is proven and true? And even in that you now further escalate your tyranny against your members, disallowing them to discuss what we now share together, even in the face of the very fact that they want to share it with YOU!

People who you have known for a while, and people who you know are not me, and yet you still do the things to them, that you first began doing to me.

I have delivered the wind. It is the answer, the truth, the way, and it is merely SIMULATED in the game, here I come upon you now in reality. BOOM.

Do you think, if you take things personally on this blog specifically, do you think it was fun for me to fight the whole world? How selfish are you?

And in all of this hatred you show and you DOUBT. Is DOUBT all that you have? In things you have not even read nor even attempted to enjoy?

Do you really feel yelled at BY TEXT? Do you really think I would write all of this for nothing?

This blog is a media mash up and it is the journey like no other seen before, ever since the THEORY, which LONG PREDATES THE GAME, came to be. I am told that this makes me the media messiah. No man of any faith should be celebrating my coming until he receive the SIGHT and the EARS which I have come to give to the world WITHOUT prejudice and WITHOUT an ego against me, considering the whole shit was a battle to get here in the first place.

This blog is so intricately and forward-thinking in the writing process, I'm telling you, you are a complete tool for not reading it, the tool who will be used by those who do read it.

You have mistaken the internet as a place where you can go online and just lie or doubt without bearing evidence. You have called me a troll, and if that is what you think that I am, I am the troll who lets you go free, and I am the troll whose toll will be paid, because I have lit a fire up under the asses of every angel in the choir, and every brother who now sees us and is one of us in the seat on the other side of the 4th wall.

Do you think these are the only fellows who have seen what is really delivered here? There are more, not everyone is a member there, or at gtaforums, or even interested in GTA at all.

I told you I was the wrong one to doubt, and you will know that I am the wrong one to doubt. This is one for the history books and I told you that months ago. This shit is going down in history FOREVER.

This will be good for you. As good for you as it is for me. It is a labor of love. The ones who love GTA will love this.

Whenever you get around to it, read it. It's going to blow your mind. You're going to love it, and you will mindgasm, time after time. Because I am delivering THE Time after Time, and you don't realize it.



If I broke your heart...

I know. But it's not really broken. It's going to be stronger. It's everything they keep from you in the censorship committees. You stick with it.

Find strength that I have survived, and so will you. Find strength that this "story" is my real life.

Find strength that I went through it that you don't have to. Even though you did from VC to V.

Find strength that you have found me.

And don't let liars who do not know me as well as you know me from these works to sway you. You already know I predicted them. You already know I told the truth in every universal way people expect to hear it.

I did not come to destroy you, I came to make sure you are not destroyed.

Keep making me.

Keep making me people, that I keep making this, and that we see it through to where people look beyond the "shield of crazy" and see what is really here.

You know this stuff is true. The more of you see beyond the "shield of crazy", the more of you will come naturally together. When people see your enthusiasm about this, about "the things hidden behind the shield of crazy", that will be enough to say to doubtful people, "Don't you see how enthusiastic we are?".

See you tomorrow everyone. I'm very tired, a good rest will do me well! God bless, God Head.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Dead Dance In Me, Instead of on Each Other

Did you know that you are a prophet?
The dead dance in me, in their own two feet.
And the dead of the world dance together alive again.

I can see many overlooking the value of this song.
I value it very highly, as everything happens for a reason.
It's very beautiful, it is confirmation that there is light in the dark.
It is proof that we see it the best when we need it.

Just waiting to be seen.
Just waiting to be heard.
Just like me.

I love you bro, I love you all.
The truth is unstoppable, and now it has a face.
Mine in your corner, each and all of you, and yours in the mirror.
No one will ever feel bad for being human again.
Things will never be the same.

I am doubtless the following songs belong here for you to be confirmed.

I am sure that he wrote this while he was scared,
that the dance of the dead, was going to be a bad thing.
It was written before he found the plan in hiatus and rose again.
Before he learned that the dance of the dead may one day bring it up.
Because he learned that the dance of the dead was the word of the Son.
He still lives today, and I hope that it won't be long before all who awaited see.
All who have seen, felt, known, but not yet been able to make sense of it.
It was all by design, as the blog proves time and again, revealing all.
The ones asking for proof my coming, tell them that you are proof.
The people are the proof, and they have provided and made me.
You watched me become and overcome these kinds of fears.
The sandman is no beast under a bed, he is all of us.
Even I was victim to doubt, and I came to cure it.

One does not have to feel scared to be suffering fear.
Fear is the parent of all destructive or emotionally trying times.
There is only one being to fear and that being is God, The Lord in Heaven.
And even then, it is more important to fear how you treat his creations than He Himself.
I must reiterate again, the need to see the sharp and two sided sword of my mouth.
This is why I said to think twice. People must understand both sides.
Even that is two sided - there are 2 sides to all of my words,
just as there are two sides to good and to evil alike.
Just as there are two sides to each story.
Two ways to hear it. Even a song.
When James Wrote Sandman,
he thought it was control.
When he found light,
Time led to this:

And this is not only how you will know who I am,
This is how James will Know this As Well.
This is how James will know who he is.
James you will show, and this singer.
The James who is scared but sees.
The James who is a big fan.
I'm writing my message, 
I Am Here.

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

You found me, I found you all.
Shit's getting real now.
Stay Positive.

The Negativity of Fear Mongers and Liars and False Witnesses,
those are the only things that make this hard to bear.
If you must wail, then wail.
But it's not necessary.
Not Worth It.

Better to see all things made new,
Better to see a journey no one else had to take,
Better to see my sacrifice of a personal life for our global one,
Better to see the truth in the full circle combined,
Better to see your brother that way.
Better to see proof has come.

And I don't want it unless you all get it with me.
King Nothing was a good jam, it brought me to see Zen.
One way to look at it is all the King Nothings that will hate us,
but still be utterly unable to withstand this word, our combined voices.
And the other way is the King Nothing of Zen Nothing.
What is a very serious warning to the powers that be,
is also a lesson to the master who connects.
2 sides of the same coin, 2 sided sword.

Let this song speak to the control freaks and the humble alike.
To each their own well deserved side of the sword.
We are not going to be apartheid anymore.
Creed, Race, Nations, All Barriers.
I'm swinging this sword at them.
Shining this light at them all.
It is what it is, was, will be.
It is Proof that is Proven.
It is our Renaissance.
It is our Beginning.
It is our Ending.
It is our Peace.
It is our Chi.
It is Time,
End Time,
And Time.

Because it helped me to understand why people are scared of me.
And it helped me to figure out the way to give them peace before even my own.

Z viruses

I'd really rather you NOT believe ME than to have YOU believe THEM. THEY lied to you. THEY were paid to lie to you . I HAVE NOW DEFINED ...