Friday, December 13, 2013

Your doubt is futile.

It is no secret GTA V and all other Rockstar titles are full of Illuminati references.

You fear Illuminati? Shut your lied-to and deprived mouth when you talk against us, we are your salvation. You are hating on the blood of Christ. WE are "". WE are your only hope, and only when you realize it, will you ever even see what is hidden right before your very eyes, in all of the multitudes of Ours. SEE THE EYE.

Yet you doubt me?
That makes you a lost soul who is blind.

What you got to say about my revelation of this revolution?
Don't care what you got to say, because we came to set you free.
Doubt me? You can't doubt this talented young man.
He is a young man and smarter than all of you gta players,
that is scientifically proven by how you morons treated me:

Do you hear his lyrics?
Who would have known this game would flip the show to go my way?

I recorded this in 2004 or 2005:

You think I'm crazy? Well, that's not fair. Because YOU are the crazy ones.

You are doubting the One. I am RIGHT.

Watch the movie below and see the construction site from GTA IV.
Open your blind eyes, or just prepare for the blind slaughter.
I don't care if you don't care about the truth.

And if you already saw that movie, remember idiots: He was RIGHT.
And the Agent in the movie who helps Mel Gibson? His name was HATCHER.

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