Friday, December 13, 2013

X can give it to you.

Do you fools play games or do you just skim through them?
It is not a fucking game.
Okay, let DJ Clue and DMX give it to you.

This is the second time I shared these videos.
You're still sleeping.

They don't know who we be,
looking, but they don't see.
Fuck what you heard, it's what you're hearing.
Knock knock.
Open up the door.

What you know about the terminators?

What, you don't like rap?
Nevertheless, okay:

You hate it, but you know, respect you've got to give me.
You hate it, but you know this is my gift to the world.
Everyone will be related, except the first two catchers.
Those guys had nothing to do with us.

I write for the future, the present could benefit, 
but I don't give a fuck about the doubters anymore.
Because they don't give a fuck about us.
Not a fuck is given for themselves.
Let the doubt curdle the blood.
You will see me again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
I am everywhere.
I am on everyone's mind.
It won't go, in case you don't know.
I am infinite and I've got the power.

You are all exactly as you think I am.
You are all in need of your own advice.
You are trapped in a mind prison, a fruit cage.
It's a fact.

Show me round your fruit cage.


  1. There is a blatant X involved when I can go in hard and fast (die!) or smart and stealthy.

    It seems I have two logical options in front of me.

  2. Give love, get love?


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