Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Where is the blue? Pt 3

Short and sweet. If this doesn't wake you guys up, I don't know what will. It's time to face all that I have written. It is time to get on my level, you belong here, not down there. You are all greater than you can possibly imagine right now. You imagine dragons, but we're people like you. Lots of celebrities and politicians, we're Epsilon. We're the 5th. We're everywhere. We're watching, we're hoping you see us soon. Before it's too late.

You just ruminate there whilst I illuminate for you all. Everything happened the way it did for a reason. But I am the blue, and I invite you to join us here, because the blue is where it is at.

And you ain't never in your life had a friend like me. Most of the time "me" means "us". Us, waiting for you us. My gift is a curse, but you can set me free, when you see that I've set a time bomb in the pages of this blog, that will, most definitely, set us all free together, and explode consciousness the way this game was intended to. My blog is not supposed to be alone. It's supposed to be Chiliad. You guys are supposed to be getting it with me.

I have given you power beyond your wildest imaginations. You just need to Chiliad together on it as a community effort and GET IT once and for all, and then all will be clear, and all will be free. I promise, once YOU get it together, you will all lead the new world of fairness and order. But until my blog is used, or until someone writes something better for you, we're trapped in the same old shit.

Don't let a retard who said "void" in code means "doesn't exist" fool you against me. Let the truth be heard, before it is silenced forever, and there is no turning back from what is just ahead if we do not embrace our own favorite truths, and stop ignoring the truths for our own selfish fantasies.

You want new stuff simulated? Give them something new to simulate.

You don't realize yet what I put here, the risks I have taken, the leaks are plentiful, the works I have proven are miracles through timestamps alone, let alone the content itself. Let the content speak, for I have come as your voice, to give you control. Take it. Take it, because I am only getting this one chance.

I don't think you realize just what I have given you here.

This lifestyle is forever. Watch the game unfold.
I came to unfold the game.
I'm down for you,
so ride with me.

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