Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nice Comments

Why so serious? All of these recent comment warriors...

You have a lot of hate in your hearts to leave [as yet unpublished/investigated] comments like those, you silly little punks. And leaving adult content as your home site?  Oh yea, I know why you're mad at me. Treating me as if I started it. One of you claims I am trying to make money, or hiding it? You must not have read this post about money.

I am constantly having to update video links, links I've saved for years, suddenly stop working. Why? Because some punk pussy who is scared to let you know

The FIB is trying to stop you from knowing what we know, and that is exactly why you don't. We, as in, all of the people who carry the same dream of waking up. And this game series is no exception, and is quite exceptional as one of the greatest achievements ever in gaming, because they took music, games, tv, books, history, and other media and made visuals out of it that give you a real look "from the outside".

Has the tract been written? Yes it has.

Here's some shit you probably didn't pay attention to:

This one? I've shared this one a few times now, do you still not yet realize?

In closing; Who the fuck are you calling a liar? Better yet, who do think you are calling antithesis?

What do you even know about theory in the first place?

Suddenly you accept the facts. You know nothing. You already missed the journey, but it's not to late to finally see.

It's like you don't even like yourself. You really think I give a fuck about money?

What are you even afraid of? Do you realize I am helping you?

Here, a dinosaur with a saddle. Produce an alternative, you cannot, because that is what the clue means. And here's the remake of that song, yet again, where I take my proverbial big blue fist, and show you in yet another way the exact same message that is being conveyed in every single thing we do, watch, enjoy, or see. I am PROOF. I am EVIDENCE. A whole fucking body of shit that YOU don't even know is here.

This big blue fist is busting your comment warrior asses. Now, be mature, and step up, and open your fucking eyes once and for all. Ask constructive comments, ask for what you seek, and you will receive it, just like you all asked for this.

The Epsilon Program does not exist in just one place or time. It does not even exist in just one game or simulated reality. It does not exist in just one genre of entertainment, and among us are many celebrities, theologists, world leaders, and even cartoon characters.

However this element introduced to you in the fifth software by the name where Cris Formage can be heard giggling at your cries forming, his very namesake, and the writing is already on the wall in Los Santos: Crying is mandatory.

Good, you can find little pieces, and then fear them, and have good imaginations, good for you. Now, take the pieces, and put them together.

Nobody hates you. And nobody expects you to be perfect, not even me. Lots of you hate me. Or are scared of the truth. And if the latter, perhaps that makes you hate me. Because in reality, you are not in reality, this recent rash of ignorance in your comments is not something for you to be proud about. You've been too lazy to read all along, I doubt you'll be able to show me you understood this post, either.

I have proven time and again many things. If you don't like it, imagine being me for one day. You are unhappy with what I have written, yet you did not even read it? You're the prime example of stupidity for that.

You read all my stuff and feel it's not clear enough? Then ask intelligible and specific questions. I will answer questions that are worth answering. You can ask about clues, you can ask about the game, you can ask about the series, you can ask about the lore, and you ask about anything I have written.

You're all closing out and attacking the only person who actually knows what he is talking about, and I don't give a fuck if you choose to believe me or not, because believing is still a form of doubt. None of you have been fair to me at all. Do not expect roses until you are willing to wake up and smell them. I'm a survivor, and you're betting against a winner that already won, it is written.


  1. hehe, naw it's all me your friend, your awesome listener from reddit ;) i just knew if i got you rawled up youd do an awesome post!!! =) thanks dude I was starting to feel like i was reading the same shit and now its better cuz you made it personal :P sorry for resorting to such reverse psychological tactics but hey it worked, we're only human :p once again, your work is admired just know youve reached a few dedicated brother brothers

  2. maybe a little too personal, youre so defensive :P hahaha but yah a word of advice stop trying to sound so superior its not a good look

    1. It's not superiority, but I know inferiority complexes imposed by the world we live in can cause you to look at it that way. "Get on my level" in the most respectable way possible.

  3. lets shake hands brother brother

    ive actually read all youre stuff but its a lot and its probably more than most people read and the fact that we still do these little net comment back and forths flexing our "egos" proves both of us still have to eye opening to do, i will ask constructive comments and I will and still am the one who will help you transcribe your work into terms everyone can understand


If you have not read this content before commenting, you are likely become the example of its truth.

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