Monday, December 2, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

Let those with a true search find what I have put here. Let those with a true heart feel it. Let those without good eyes stay blind and let them be the last in line. Let freedom ring, and force feed them facts.

Thank you for any love you send my way. I love you all.


  1. hello brian, i am french just have a question, are you in 9 now?
    have you see the movie "shutter island"?

    1. I've not seen Shutter Island. Why do you ask, does it support my works?

      All things I say are supported in media, so perhaps this will be a confirmation.

      I hope you guys are understanding my works, the rest of the world is struggling with it.

      See the eye, he is risen, crying mandatory, UFO's = alienated ideology = truth. And more.

      If people will comment and tell me what they want to know more specifics about, I will right posts direct on clues and questions asked about them (a post about "he is risen" etc, as long as people ask)

  2. yes i understand your work, and the R*'s work
    media try to show us that there are only a single way in life, that of the "stars"
    politicians persuade us that one at need for them...

    psychological game.....psychological world...Wake up in your life and have fun...
    your instincts are sleeping....because of they are manipulated
    people don't have found the mystery in this game because of the mystery is a scientific evidence...
    recognize-you....and enter in game!


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