Thursday, December 12, 2013

Darling Russell Brand, Thank You.

Russell Brand;
You are a comedian, so you will love my blog.
Read it chronologically.
Or reverse chronologically.

To those who read my blog, doubtful or not,
perhaps you can hate me less when you see someone speak, 
and joke, in the tones I write with.

Some of my anger is genuine, but I filled this blog with jokes.
The initial audience? It flew completely over their head.
Let those with real eyes realize what I have done.

You all attacked me, and I care so deeply for you all.
Some may not appreciate my works, but people like Russell,
people who are not morons anymore and want to help the others,
they will find in my works tools and confirmations of their own intentions.

Live the Revolution

If you doubt me, how can you doubt a celebrity who says things
I said in my blog before these interviews even took place?!

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