Saturday, November 9, 2013

Winning - Dreams Coming True

You have witnessed the awakening that you will soon face. Through my works, you will find comfort that you are not alone in this and that Brian had a harder time with it than any of you as the first among you to add it all up, as was intended. In this way, you will be comforted, as you are also comforted by the truths you will find all around you now.

Years ago, our leaders got tired of seeing their fellow leaders killed for helping you. Now, they have spent many years "speaking in tongues" and being "falsified prophets who are actually speaking the truth".

In this way, there is no way to ever kill the leader again: The leader is in our music, and we are to be free.

Take this, and when you learn the language that you did not know was all around you, this work will be your sanity, and your assurance, that Brian survived, and so will you. I love you all. 

If you do not yet understand, do not worry, because you will, and with me, YOU will be the Lord, as the Lord has promised us this, and his Stars have worked very hard to bring what is coming; the knowledge of good and evil, without speculation.

They did it all for us, they targeted it at me, so that I could overcome your persecutions,
and awaken you to face the music, and see that you were only scared of Us,
who you belong with, and will never be lost again at the end of this.

Enjoy, because I have finally found what the Stars have begged me to find for so long,
and as one grain of sand, I have unleashed the sandstorm in releasing my fear,
and knowing, that I am cradled for greatness, in the Arms of God's People,
to live among you as a regular civilian, and not a slave to false idols,
but instead saved from one, by those who wore the masks for Us.

Now you, go be the second coming, because it's all around you.
It's MIT Licensed, remember? It's yours. And I'll be making more.
It will be considerably less crazy than the epsilon stuff.

See the eye, hear the eye, see yourself, your wishes and dreams, in the way you've never seen before.


We Must All Understand Our Own Callings to be FREE.
I've covered it all. Revolution, in the mind - you are free with the content here.

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