Friday, November 15, 2013

We didn't mean to make your heart cry...

Excerpt, Young Noble, Killuminati 2k13:

Man, we didn't mean to make your hearts cry,
But we're from the same place where the sparks fly.
This rap shit is similar to apartheid,
Some of us shed light, and some are on the dark side.
Shit ain't been the same since Pac died
took away the soul, rappers hollow on the inside.
time passes, a time capsule of classics,
style mastered like the Old Dirty Bastard.
Divine order - close your eyes for the blind slaughter. 
My third eye seeks flying saucers.
Like there's aliens amongst us, walking right in front of us.
Can't fool all of us, already got most of us.
Experimenting on the hood like guinea pigs.
Just knocked down the projects, built them back as Pyramids.
Black Kings and Queens without the Gold Jewelry.
Black Rose that grew from the crack, saw the new streets.
I'm an Outlaw, respected by the game,
and I shine so bright without a necklace or a chain.
Something deep in my heart that sets me apart;
I bring hope to the hopeless, bring light to the dark.
I ain't out here playing, man I'm focused on the prize,
I make it, all of us made it, the underdogs rise,
I'm that rose from the concrete that grew from the summer heat,
got stepped on, overlooked, but never accepted defeat.
And, no: Shit ain't been the same since Yak died,
but hip-hop is still alive as long as we're alive.
We Outlawz bitch, I am not a star.
I'm a regular n.i.g.g.a., with some Legendary Bars.
You gotta believe THE VICTORY IS OURS.
And every young thug should eventually evolve.
I still do this shit for honor and respect,
I'm a black diamond without a diamond on my neck, COME ON!!


Apartheid means "Segregate", made famous by the politics in Africa.

Wake up or get woke up - either way, the lies we were told are being destroyed, and they were fed to you for that purpose, yet now what is truth is much more beautiful.

When everything is made to be broken, or feels like the movies, reality is in store for you. And you will be destroyed with the lies, and reborn as a king or as a queen. Like it or not. Because liking it makes you a king or a queen, and disliking it makes you self-unsavable and self-doubtful, and enemy to the freedom of others.

And those who like it will not like you once they understand the light that is being revealed here and all around you. My commentary is one thing; yet to be seen for its maximum benefit, however, my commentary is commentary.

These are not my ideas, they are our ideas.

The truth is now awakening from its slumber, and the liars will die unforgivable, lest they repent and retract their lies to God's Children, because each and all mankind is to be free, and oppositions to your freedom are to be destroyed and rebuilt, or destroyed and buried.

Anyone opposing will be annihilated and reborn, or just plain annihilated and buried. Free will, freedom of choice to be alienated as the truth was for so long. This is freedom of man, Stairway to Heaven - whatever you want to call it, you better not call it a lie. We were coming for years. We are here now, and the world is now to face the music. See the Eye and Hear its Namesake.

I can suggest assuming the name of the Lord and fasting from society and eating very very lightly for 40 days. I can suggest that much. I have not suggested and will not suggest anything else until the awakening is viral.

We didn't mean to make your hearts cry, but what is in store for good people is anything but evil, instead the stairway to Heaven on Earth, as it is theorized to be, and promised us by all messianic figures, most notably the figure of Jesus, most notable embodiment of the Lord, God Head's Body, each of us dust in a sand storm that cannot be erased, deleted, shut down, or refuted.

The refusal of my words backed by all supporting works makes you a hypocrite, a liar, and ignorant - so you must change that, as those who become aware of these works and the works of others who inspired my works entirely will not show mercy to those who are hypocritical liars bobbing their fake ass head to music they do not understand, and training their eyes to films and personalities they do not understand, and behold I destroy all things and refresh them for the opened eyes of the word, eyes without faces online.

And now the crazy man is the truth speaker, who has brought clean water to the warped minds who emulate their heroes in the backwards manner, no longer logged by the waters of deceit and the toxicity of our cities. You think that you own the world? How do you own disorder? From this chaos hatches this New World; prepared in the sleeping age, for the benefit of the awakened age. It happens within; Or else it happens without.

This dust is the light in the dark, in the arms of the angels and stars and the protected wings of God's People, the sandman be released his bondage, each and every creed and personality, the sand storm be unleashed upon those who refuse the fullness of the Earth.

It has been organized and it has been two sided like that of a sharp sword and will cut through all confusion and only those who are truly wicked and truly evil can deny what has been created by the stars of God's Children, the muses for God Head of all kind, the sand storm which will force inner-judgment on all mankind, to the joyous benefit of all who prepare for the change, and alienation for those who do not honor their brothers and sisters, with swift and severe punishment for those who fail the way of peace, and merciless and swift death to those who are proven without the shadow of doubt to have murdered another in cold blood.

In the words of the ped on Grove Street "Shit's getting real now".

The metaverse held the truth. The music we love, the lives we lead, were the inspiration for every aspect of the game. Every single item in grand theft auto is either a parody or a metaphor for a real item

The alien invasion shall commence; With or without you, mankind will have what is promised it - Freedom, in every sense of the word, and every sense of being free from the oppression of afflictions of others. It takes only to imagine.

This will be remembered as a war for readjustment; And we will see who can fine tune their positions.

But don't nobody noticed it really, you feel me? This bloody road no longer remains a mystery; in the name of all who gave their lives and gave their creativity to the cause which is now for the benefit of each and all, and in the name of every politician, businessman, and power player in the game of life who is aware, and for all those small to large who created these causes, from all genres and walks of life together as one undeniable voice of mankind, prepare for the explosion, free at last, thank God Almighty for God Head is to be Free at Last.

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