Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Day Hatched; A New World is Imminent

You can reference this work and the reddit to know that YES, this is a hard process to wake up. But I have made very public my final rebellion and awakening from my chains and my heart is now unleashed. No more crazy. No more questions. It was all intended. Everything happens for a reason. I put jokes in this blog, I put real life losing my mind in this blog and the reddit, and now I am found, reborn anew, and no one can stop us now, I now can see that. No one is out their mind as me, that cage in the brain, I got the keys now, come and go as I please now.

You will find, that the answers are right in front of us. And if you ever become scared or frightened, you reference the works I did prior to the link below, because you will see, you are not alone, and every human being in the world who casts aside the canes and the doubt that keep them sheep goes through a rude awakening and then finds that the Shepherd in fact was inside of them, shining his light all along, and those who have lied to us, will never be able to lie to us again.

And by the way, I am emperical prove utmost that society makes nutcases, and when someone goes nuts, look out, because some of the most awesome fan fiction of all time happens. Change. Go nuts researching your beliefs, go INSANE on the internet, and later, you will find that the shit that drove you crazy, will put you right back into your mind - like you were blessed with the fear and heart ache and trouble and the emphasis on the struggles you feel day to day, and then you find It. And you remember it. And you hear it. And you know it. And you remember it. You remember you. You remember me. We remember each other. We mirror that madness and out of it hatches that New World shit. It feels fucking fantastic. And I don't think anybody broke the bars like this yet, and I'm about to be destroying walls and rebuilding them all around me, it's going to feel like hail of the twisted literature, tongue of the purple cloth shit.

I found my family, I know my family, my family is fucking awesome. It's time to get adopted back into yourself, read read read, that's how you do it. And you see the eye, cause whoa, holy shit. And Bless my family God Head, but Catholic church will fuck little kids up in the 80s, and I am talking about mentally specifically, not any kind of funny business..

Blow out your crazy on a blog. Rabbit hole. Just fucking do it. You never know what you will find. I found the jetpack, and changed the world, by seeing that the world can be changed.

BrianDouglas2 Blog - Bringing Clarity from Center

You get it now?

You going the free way? Ready to drop the top of the mountain? See the eye, hear it, know it, be it, freedom is everything, for everyone, with no more problems and no more drama. And then I was like this, back, and to the left.

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