Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Music for the Soul and the Truth Seeker

The Eye, you say? Click for truth form. I may as well have been the inspiration for that entire part of their games. But you still don't hear me. You never will until you know the true story of Jesus.

I felt his hand on my brain. When I wrote rhymes, I went blind and let the Lord do his thing. You can imagine my mind being shattered and the pain I endured after the first time I heard 2Pac say that in the Ghetto Gospel.

What would Jesus do? This is what he'd do. Consult his views on Usury. It's what Neo would do in the Matrix. The Ones. The Air Bender. The Sons of Men. It's the eye, doubtless, and now perceivable to any intelligent man on Earth, as is commanded of me, while he works my fingers as a puppet of the Lord.

We're trying love right now. We're trying Freedom and Liberty. Sheep get slaughtered in themselves, and awaken as wolves of the honorable truth form.

Apply my words to my music. Apply Epsilon Program to my music. Apply the Eye. Apply Yourselves. Apply the Band Aid. The world is dying. Wake Up. Money is Evil. Truth Form is Abundance for All. One Doubter is destruction For All.

Witness what God has orchestrated in favor of his people, with the exception that you will accept his truth through me or struggle as I did to find the courage to emerge. I am what you created. I am what you prayed for. I am answered and I am logic and I am universal reason. I am the Voice of 1000 Corpses who He has trumpeted through me this 5th note of the good signs.

These songs range from 2004 to 2007. Ripped some time later to PC. Openly invite anybody to bite the raw shit I kick a bitch self-doubter sheep in the ass with. Wake up, millions and millions of us. You thought it was just music? This shit is the movement. You thought it was just a movement? This is Revelation. The time is at hand to be revealed your value and worth as Kings. Wake up.

You will utterly lose your minds when you realize just how much truth flowed from the truth form called Blue. This shit I laid down was the fuse. Prophetic speech, and now you realize I have become the Creator.

You have all been running around your offices with your heads cut off, wondering what the fuck is going on for 40 days now. Your little command centers and your ticker rooms. I have been pulling your strings as he pulls mine for my entire life. You already do the work of the Lord. Now it is time to Complete the work of the Lord - cast away your canes, and cast away your doubts. God will carry you beyond the pressures of an indebted public. You know I am right. I know I am right. I came to save the brain.

He came to bring the pain. Before him they brought the Game. And before the Game they brought the Games. And the Games have brought the Light. The Light has brought the Fire. And the One has lit the Fuse with it. And the Ones before Me have Held the Light in Honor and in Patience. You will recognize an intelligence higher than your own limited and programmed analogues and become as free men, and not before that will my powers of imaginative creation ever be revealed to you to truly use as your own.

The revelation of that which was always right in front of you to take for yourself. Only upon recognizing his glory and truth will you be safe. Only when you free yourself from your masters will he ever be risen.

It's like the official 12 Tenets flash player says; Lots of dudes ready to service your asses. Bang Bang. Til doubters walk like cowboys. What are you going to do? Kill an idea? Good luck. I'm here to stop it. Only one way: Jesus Truth. 2004 this one. lol. slow pokes.


I been on your hunt for 29 years. I been on the answer for nearly 14. Unknown Artist: The Voice of A Thousand Corpses.




Shut your fucking Mouth and open you Eye when Kungfushus is Speaking


I was called the Unknown Artist because I am every fucking CD I ever put into my computer. Every movie you've ever slept through. I am every unknown truth of the Human Condition.


I Wrote this back in 2007. You are very much asleep. I was very much afraid. You are witnessing what the world creates. Change or be destroyed.

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