Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just take a look... you're wasting your time until you do.

Stop wasting your time, and look through my eyes. They are on display through the entire blog. You are searching for answers to clues that want you to do exactly as I just told you, exactly as I have already told you - you wander that desert for nothing until you know the meaning behind it all.

"GTA V is like an album" - Leslis Benzies. This is more true than any of you yet are open minded enough to see, because you are not yet allowing yourself to see the eye.

Do not listen to anyone who says I am debunked - any person who says those words has not proof of their claim, nor can they produce counter points, nor can any of you who repeat it.

I am deniable only by the ignorant and scared, this is a fact and science based blog. Come get destroyed, for I will rebuild your temple. You seek nothing until you know what you are seeking. I have been telling you for 2 months now. Enjoy. Whenever you're ready. See the eye.

But they don't hear us though. Or see us.
It won't be long now.

You still don't get it though.
Yo Big, you're dead wrong.
But they don't understand at all.
They still don't understand any of us, man.
They don't understand any of us.

Pay Attention, Ultimate and Eternal Alienation to Opposition of the New World:

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