Friday, November 8, 2013

Illuminati - Destroying the Principle in the name of God's People

"Until we die, we gonna ride on the principle"

I can show you Mother Fuckers how it feels to drop a body.
This is that 2k10 Killuminati.
GOTTA WATCH how you move, everybody's watching.
Get, get it, keep winning, failure's not an option.
Do it for the prisoners: People in the projects.
We ain't talking about paper, that's a DIFFERENT LANGUAGE.
I keep a big WATCH, yea I know the TIMES.
I NEVER punch a clock - I'm ALWAYS on my Grind.
Yea, I'm a public enemy because I'm getting paid.
You think I got it made? This that Flava Flav.
I gotta thirst for that Green: Gator Aid.
My niggas hopeless, and waiting on them Better Dayz.
Some niggas stuck in the past, they can never change.
Some of us focused, and trying to stack a little CHANGE.
Welcome to America, the home of the brave.
Home of the Slave, the Home of the Drug Trade.
Where young niggas take lives in the blink of an Eye.
Instead of living, niggas trying to find a reason to die.
Keep your head to sky, find a reason to FLY.
Get money, keep pushing ahead,
It seems all the real niggas always end up dead.

We have Won.
End of Money.
End of Usury.
End of Lies.

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