Monday, November 25, 2013

I Love My Life

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They can't paint the picture like we do;
But now is the timeless moment,
As the past meets the present.
I Am who I Am, We Are.
Blessings be upon you,
I Have Overcome.
Free At Last.

Squirrels better ask somebody.
The goal is already set up, God has killed my body,
to show me that, but God has not killed my spirit.
The Spirit has Raised my Body,
Blessings for who can hear it.

As you may have killed my people's hearts,
you have not killed their spirits.
You have empowered us.
You will redeem us.
You are Us.
Our Body.

The most terrifying things are the most glorious;
There is no reason to fear spiritual reincarnation of your self,
here you will not die the second death.

I follow you, because you follow Him.
I follow you, because He is Risen, no longer awaited.

See you at the top, let's all go there together.
The enemy within is your best fight.
The invitation is inescapable.
Glory Be.

This was my best death ever.
I will not die of the second death.
I have sat at the top of this mountain,
I have now beamed on top of the mountain,
I will remain upon the top of the mountain alive.

Welcome to Real Life, Dear Chronological Reader

We're Going to Live Forever. Wake 'em Up.
Drop them all, then watch them stand tall.
I love you all.

Don't pretend you don't understand.
Should be clear hence forth to every Michael Jackson Fan.
Let the shit hit the fans.
Let the bodies hit the floor.
Let them stand and be equal.
Let them harbor heart and love,
in this, our New World Order.

As your body of lies collapses, so too your money will be swallowed,
as too, this storm will swallow all nations, this tide will not recede.
Write it on your hearts, and then write it to your brothers.
Collapse in your doubts, and in your debts.
Be raised again anew, see destiny.
Welcome to Real Life. 

Your pens are mightier than the swords that will protect your loving arms.
Learn to drop a body, and if you lose that lesson, survive to rise again.
And this one has risen, born again, I will not die the second death.
Only one will lose his way among 5. And 4 will find him again.
Only one will lose his life among 1000, and be born again.
And then one more born will reach 1000, born again.
And one of them will be reached, and reach 1000.
And one will then be reached, and reach 999.
And then 999 will be reached next 777.
And then 222 will perish death inside.
And then all will know my name,
All will know their names,
All will Know Truth.
All Knowing,

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