Wednesday, November 13, 2013

By the way...

By the way, if you think I made anything up, you are wrong. And if you think it's not true, you're wrong.

You heed my words here on this first amendment fan fiction, and you might win. Might. Maybe.

Found ya, Em. Or, did you find me?

You know what time it is.


  1. Hey loser, you deleted your Briandouglass2 account from reddit? hahaha probably because nobody read your bullshit. Same as this pathetic blog. I just keep coming back here hoping one day an obituary will be posted but i never read the crap you put up or watch the lame youtube clips you post, I doubt anybody does. Hurry up and die you pathetic man.

    1. There was never a briandouglass2 account. If there was, it was one of my many haters Fact.

  2. someones still reading and rereading


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