Wednesday, November 20, 2013


11 - 10 - 83. 
Do you remember the rebel yell when they created me?
I thank the lucky stars for making me, 
the water bearer for this, the Modern era.
Watch them all get scared and turn to a flock in the face of their terror.
Come get destroyed and rebuilt in a day. 
Nobody can take my blue sky away.
I'm the loose screw that you're used to,
but you're not used to me being this brutal or fluid in my truth, 
or this ill with my blue flu. 
I'm the Piper with the blue flute, 
timeless ocarina, Your Highness Zelda, my queen, it's so good to see you.
We've got stars directing our fate,
and we're not that far from reaching the heavenly gates.
Ain't nobody dying here, we're passing out the crowns.
The party has been expecting me, R U STILL DOWN?
I'm bringing the good drinks you get for the price paid.
You're going to feel it coming in the air tonight.
And it's just that thriller, welcome to paradise.
Now its written and given, and you better take it,
before it takes it's toll, and think twice about who you're alienating.
Because you're only getting one chance.
And I'm only given one chance.
And it only takes the one dance to make the fun last.
And these things "done passed",
So these things shall pass,
we are destined, it is manifest,
to be Free at Last, Guaranteed, you can leave the ledge.
Prepare for the explosion in consciousness,
Repair from the destruction of idiots.
Prepare for the blind slaughter of ignorance.
Repair of the blind zombies and ignorants.
Prepare for the 9th paradigm of due diligence.
Prepare while you meditate with some Daz Dillinger,
crack your mind open on some 'Pac,
Or are you more a fan of the nerdcore or Weezer?
Any pixel angel can please your obsessions and release you.
Here's an idea, turn off the music before it stops.
Here's another idea, crush them if they oppose feeding the flock.
Everyone is family.
Ohana. Watch.


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