Friday, October 11, 2013

Where is the Blue?

I Am the Blue. Because the doubters are too frightened in their doubt to be the Blue with me.

But that fear is not possible unless you doubt in yourself.

If I am to doubt what was and is still to be written here, it would only be doubt in myself.

You can not possibly know the truth and tell another to doubt in themselves.

Doubt in others is not doubt, because doubt in others is really just part of knowing their doubt in you.

Doubt in yourself is evident in being unable to raise beyond the monkeys.

You see, because as you experiment upon the monkeys, so too are you the experiment your own.

In the case of Grand Theft Auto 5, you are being challenged to take control.

Especially you guys. People like you are the arm of the people. You are the answer to no and to doubt, even with absolutely no blood shed, and not even a single drop. 

But back to the game which is the example;

I will play it as Micheal.

And not as myself.

And I will play it as Trevor.

And not as myself.

And I will play it as Franklin.

And not as myself.

Because I am not even myself in GTA Online,

Nor am I myself when role playing.

But I am myself without doubt because faith is not about believing things.

And believing things is not knowing things.

And not knowing things is being doubtful, even without exhibiting or feeling it.

And you need only to know and have faith, and as all things are possible in the video games that we play only because they are respective of algorithms that are respective to laws of nature before them, thus all truths enlightened in their paths are applicable to our paths in life.

Faith is for those who know the truth of my word,
And what those who defy my word call Faith is really a lie.
The struggle is to give you the truth without hurting you.

It is a truth so exquisite that will stretch as far as the eye can see, and be optional to the doubtful, but will be beyond reward to all knowers who together as One know all together.

I love everybody, but the doubt within others is not my cross to bear.

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