Sunday, October 13, 2013

We're going Berzerk, it is Manifest.

Should have never got me started because you'll never stop Us now.

Doubters are still Unsavable.

You can't kill an idea.

I fell to get back up for you. Eminem knows how it feels.

If you doubt me, you just look like a slave moron at this point.
If you doubt in yourself, you are not part of the club.
You are part of the enemy within yourself.
You will be Annihilated in Doubt.
It's over for doubters.
Doubt is dead.
No legs.
It's done.
It is over with.
It's over for doubters.
They are all now exposed as fakes.
They are exposed as self-centered doubters.
Unless, of course, you enjoy being the stupid slaves.
And Rockstar has proven that you are, with no legs for doubt. 
Resist the truth shared to you, by all means, resist, and be the proof.
Be the example of your own futility and ignorance and fear of power and change.

You still serve your role in proving my written words here to be truth.

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