Monday, October 21, 2013

This blog is simply the easy way

This blog, it's the easy way. The hard way was the time to see and then to comprehend, and then to be inspired, and then to be awakened, and then to make breakfast. Knowing was half of the battle, the other half was acceptance.

It's the simplification of the simulation of the simulation which served as and will serve better again as the mirror of our condition. Casting aside doubt in ourselves, and casting away canes, is the cure. That is the oversimplification.

Real talk.


  1. So all that you are sharing here may be gathered in game, if our eyes are open?

    1. Yep. While the truth is totally alien to many people, this alien has written a way that they can be introduced to the truth, and start seeing and hearing it, in a manner that includes instead of dis-includes people.


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