Thursday, October 24, 2013

These words are not mine.

They are yours. And theirs. And they are us. And we are all together.

A new world IS possible, in this game, and in your own lives.

I dislike how cliché that last part sounds as much as you. But it's not a big whoop, because I dislike how cliché it feels to say cliché as well.

Plus I love the fact that we're all on a very special journey together, so it balances it out some. I love it because love is my nature but also because it is quite rare that this many people can participate in spreading love, joy, and mind warping contradictory realities that scare the living shit out of people who didn't read the whole blog, and also those who seek to make sure that you don't.

For good measure, there are a lot of corporate elitists who fear this kind of thing as well. But, for better measure, there are plenty of corporations who are counting on things like this happening.

Any and all who truly understand the tracts here, those before mine, and all those before those, will find knowledge and in it will they find peace and they will find that a new world is in fact possible.

For each of us. All of us. The answers are all around us, right in front of us, every single day.

I speak with authority because I have taken the time to be sure of my authority on various matters.

Free Will is the gift of Choice, here I have written about the gift of making informed decisions, not speaking without informing first yourself, and not to seek to inform others until you are certain that you can do so. I have done so.

"Others" is not all inclusive. The word "others" implies in itself that there are "others still".

It is well known, however misunderstood, that if you understand and know then you too must spread understanding and knowledge, else you are as damned as everyone else.

That is because none of us are Him and all of us are Him only when all of us are Him.

It is a movement, under so many names and values and images, and all who have carried it openly have been extinguished. That is because the technological age was not yet upon mankind in the fierceness that it now is in the last decade.

In the cases of some God Bodies, the industrial revolution had not yet begun to bring light back upon the second dark ages where ignorance and brutality was imposed, ironically, to reach this very end, for the system is not without its flaws, which implies also that it is not without its merits.

The Dark Ages was the Reboot Phase, because out of darkness comes light.

Sounds unfair to the past, and it is, but all that has come to pass until now has been necessary;

It was necessary to feel pain in order to know pleasure.
And it was necessary to feel low in order to feel high.
And it was necessary to feel abandoned so that you could be found.
And it was necessary to have slept in order to have been awakened.
And it was necessary to have been pillaged in order to value giving.
And it was necessary to have been imprisoned in order to free your minds.
And it was necessary to lose composure in order to learn center.
And it was necessary to be subordinate in order to take control.
And it was necessary to dramatize in order to know reality.
And it was necessary to become analog in order to become unity.
And it was necessary to fall in order to climb out of the pit.
And it was necessary to doubt in order to seek the truth.

No one is perfect. No one who matters expects you to be. We are all perfect when we understand that truth.

I promised I would talk about money;

Money is the root of all evil; It is the foothold and the master of your bondage and your suffering.

It is that which sucks the knowledge away from the Earth.

It is the one thing which guarantees that you remain frightened, because as you grow older and produce more mouths to feed below you, and as your time runs out, so too does the value of your debts and of your debtors and of your thus fiat currency. As your family inflates, so too does your broken and outgrown economic system, which means people make less and less, yet need more and more.

It is insanity to support that, yet you must, because none of you understand it. And so must I, because I do understand it. All of it. And I know that you will not know the land of milk and honey until you know - and really know - that all that I have written and shared with you are #FACTS.

I get so angry about it because neither will I.

But even it too was necessity, and still is, until you have realized what every great and powerful musician, film maker, writer, scholar, game developer, author, poet, holy man, and scribe was trying to convey to you.

Those who did not carry this light through this cavern of sorrows have been lost in the darkness that is a fuzzy memory, they were not great and powerful, and they are few and far between under those who are.

These words are not mine, I speak the word as it was given to me throughout all of my years, into my eyes, through my ears, through touches upon my skin, and touching moments upon my heart.

These words belong to every intelligent person who understands them, and our time is near.

Even the Christians are not righteous and cannot doubt about the money, and none of any house can intelligently refute my works here, inspired by the works that date before that one, and through now.

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