Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Savables are Awakening!

And the blog is way better than the chat.

You guys are rocking OUT!
Critical thought is not lost on you.


Keep on Rocking glorious PC masters, each and all 600 million+ of you.

Sometimes, upwards generosity is a show of generosity below.
A good show of upwards generosity would be to always look out
for your console cousins and try to show them, without hurting them,
that they pay less and generate more revenue on PC.

That their game libraries stay with them through upgraded hardware.
That the marketers have lied, and said it's harder, or for nerds.
That paying for sales, or paying for multi-player, is "stupid",
when both of those are free, and more broad, on Steam.

The mistakes we have made in the past were that we have gloated
about our good fortune in being informed consumers.

It is far more important to be good to our console cousins.
Better to point out how much money they waste that
never even reaches the developers in the first place,
rather than to get hung up on how many paradigms
and architectures behind they are at this point.

The great Gabe Newell and his Tastykake Crowbar Gang at Valve have made it easy.
Facts alone are your weapon now, bragging fortune is an enemy within.

It is less that they are misunderstood, and more that they misunderstand.
Be a help to your console cousins!
Lead them out of the desert,
And help them to drink.


Disclaimer: I have afforded myself the luxury of this humor,
as I have already made very clear that I love All gamers,
and while the words are true that you pay less and get more on PC,
it is merely good times to joke about the "pc master players"
seen after the main, very serious, content of this post.

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  1. So Ive come to the conclusion that the games hidden nugget is the karma system and Ive been trying to play it as someone from light. However some things make it impossible, like the torture scene with trevor. Im still pretty sure I need to kill him at some point.


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