Monday, October 7, 2013

The reason I figured this out - And why I am mad sometimes

This post, you can skip this one if all you want is to get the secret. This one is my secret, and it's one I don't trust with anyone. Yet I will expose it to you all now. I believe in the words of the writer who wrote the words of Cris Formage who I believed before hearing those words spoken, and before understanding their delivery when heard for the first time.

Doubters are unsavables. He was right about everything. Everything. He was right about all that I experience in all of my life in every day of my being here. He was right about the doubters and he was right about the trees. He was right inside of a game, there to be right, inside of a game. He was Alpha. Omega was a fraud.

He was right inside of Cris Formage like he is right inside of me. Like signals in the wind or waves inside the sea. An angel on my shoulder, and a devil on the other, like a monkey on my back, whipping me to push a boulder.

I feel new in an old world in and around my life, all things new around me in this old world. This game has a new world based on its old world. It has so much in common that it is impossible for me to escape just entirely escaping from the nonsense that people tell themselves and believe. Doubt is a disease, and it is beyond epidemic proportions.

It is beyond doubt in me, beyond doubt in Cris, or doubt in Kraff that is in him, or Christ who lives in me.

It is doubt within your Selves, and doubt within your Idols, and doubt within the credit you already know you've already given them. It is doubt out of your own ego, and anger in your tones. It is belligerence in your reaction to a factual realization. And you cannot stand the fact that the person you most tormented mentally is the person who sees something that you yourself are not realizing.

This is the story of my life long before this brilliant, game industry changing, world changing, eye opening "easter egg". Pity the word, This is a masterpiece. And that is manifesto, from here and ever more, doubt will not be tolerated, and the stupid will be made to wear their mistakes, or assume another identity, wear that mask, and pretend they were never among those who were too blind to see this easter egg, let alone to see me.

For being jealous that people believed my ideas were worth looking into, while you are EXACTLY the same as me. We are EXACTLY the same together and you have cast me aside when I have solved your plight within the deserts of Los Santos, and potentially your plight with this world, IN DUE TIME.

You now wander your deserts, and in absolute unspoken and unknown peril to myself, I was cast out of your congregation, repeatedly, each and every time helping you meant more than saving my own face.

You will doubt. And you will laugh. And as you learn, then so later you will cry.

But then I'll cheer you up.

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