Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Lost References

Bear that image in mind the next time you doubt someone without deciphering them. I am not tooting my horn, I am very happy for that user, and the multitude of others who have returned to the blog to seek the truth which certainly is here with all certainty.

The Lost references (hatch, for example) are illustrating that you are lost. I know you are lost, because I am found in knowledge I possess.

Knowledge I have shared here. Knowledge that doubters and other crazies looking for nothing have spoken against out of their lack of that very same knowledge. And that is the opposite of science. The 'mystery' is not a mystery at all. Doubt in that is a mockery of the truth form, you will never come full circle in doubt.

Knowledge that you will either spend your entire life overlooking and still not find what is right in front of you, or spend a couple days tearing apart this blog on a subreddit, because it is clear by your progress (or lack there of, because you have made Zero progress) that you will find nothing until you do. Tear this blog to shreds. I've made it easy if you try, and impossible if you do not.

The tweet was about this blog. And this, the unwritten tract, can be read, but will only be read by those willing to do so. You think it hasn't been written, thus it hasn't, to you (getting it yet? No? Then get a Brian you morans). But begin to know that I have written it, and then you can read it, because you know it is written.

The irony is that while I cloaked this blog under the theme it is under, and shrouded it in easiness to doubt to make sure idiots stay away and stay lost, smart people have already found the intelligence in this blog, and look, what do you see on the Psych Reports in that reddit linked in that post? You better open your eyes, I have not lied. Rejoice, or stay stupid. I was stupid once. I had a doctor who had a wife like that, she's a pilot now. There is nothing wrong with ignorance unless it becomes comfortable or unless it is used as a weapon of futility.

When you're done following a herd and recognize that you need more information, it is here. In these postings. Spread this blog like a plague to infect the doubters with hope and with knowledge and with thesis and all of the other things.

If you wait until someone "figures it out" and shows you on video, you will still be lost, you will have learned nothing, you will have missed the journey, and we will be justified, guilt free.

From Z to A, you have done things backwards. You have not played A to Z. You have started at Z. Do you get it now? Probably not. The blog is here as knowledge for the acknowledgment of intellectuals and the branding of morons who doubt it. Humble yourselves, Kraff has named and regarded me highly, and I have not lied, was never known as a liar, and you have made an error in judgment if you think I have lied in these pages.

You are supposed to come back when your story is complete. Completion means it's over. You have begun at Z, you have rushed and skipped over life, toward your own futility.

Cheating save files is useless. The Cloud does not respect your hacks.

Clipping walls is useless. Umbra occlusion technology makes your method futile.

You will learn, or you will never know - that is true for all things, this is no different.

The Eye in the Sky are the UFOs. Cris uses them to watch you. So does Lester. He has hacked them and uses them at his leisure for surveillance, just as the player does when switching characters, just as Cris does when beaming down to tell you about this very thing. You didn't know that did you? Imagine how much else you do not know. I know and have written all of that here.

And it's a tractor beam, not some "invisible jetpack". People saw that post and started saying "I think Brian is saying he has an invisible jetpack!" Are you fucking serious? The TITLE says BEAM ME DOWN. - So THAT is evidence that people have not understood my blog or even applied any thought at all to it.

You need to get together on this blog. Together you can understand this blog. Separately, you get only what you've gotten thus far: Nothing. Separately, you will not even be motivated. Bring this to the people, and watch the world unlock. It will be easier with my blog than without it. The tract is very important to understanding. If you seek understanding, you will not find it if you leave this in the game.

It's not an egg. It is a reality-changing simulation of the desperately lost and moronic world that we live in. Your belligerence is your own destruction. Your ignorance is bliss, but your journey is useless because of it.

The metaverse has been calling. You have not been listening. I'm the Sandy Ravage of this shit.

The End.

PS: There is a Dr Evil Wannabe skeptic among you who is skeptic to a level that it is unhealthy and has become paranoid, accusing others of being me. As people do begin to reach understanding, he will be a thorn in their sides, because he is so uncouth that he will assume it's me, instead of allow others to reach the enlightenment they are seeking. He, like a lot of other people, is lied to. I am angry with him, but this too shall pass like all the other things.

Let my truth be known when this occurs. He is one who hopes I "die a slow and painful death" (that comment, like all others, yet to be approved for public). You will all know that he is a moron as you unlock the secrets, after you unlock the knowledge to do so, and he will know he is a moron as well. When grown folks were talking, he should have closed his broken and uncouth mouth. Since he did not, he is the example of stupidity that will never live it down, and he has forced a sharp tongue upon him which will be followed by 10,000 sharp tongues.

This text is here because once you find this post and share it, he will be there to troll it. Ignore him. He is stupid before this game and will remain stupid after it by his own accord to keep his own eyes closed.

Direct to Dr Evil Wannabe, a message from the Light and the Way:

Get a new screen name, noob, and you'll still be a moron. You have spoken down on truth form, and truth form has shit on you. You still don't know it. You're so skeptic that you will probably still not believe it once everyone is all over my blog like the hot set of topics that it is, reaping rewards, and rubbing it in your face as you reap what you have sewn for yourself against me.

I'm in your head. I'm everywhere. My voice is compilation of 10,000 voices, just as is this game. You will see me forever and ever, whether it's me or not. That is because I have spoken knowledge, and so you will remember me each time you see others speak what was spoken to me, those things that I have spoken here. I cannot say it if I have not learned it. And you do not possess the study which I do, you do not possess the intelligence to sit at a table with me, you have made that painfully obvious at my expense. You will accept that you have attacked the messenger and that you have justified my retaliation, or you will stay stupid. But it's one or the other, and there is no alternative to that, it is a binary reality. #FACT

And if anyone thinks I am wrong for this, they are not witness to the ways this moron has treated myself and others. He is the enemy to progress due to his closed mind and psychotic narcissism, alongside his lack of worldly knowledge. You will all come upon this fact soon. He's even written a blog specifically to harass me, however, it lacks logic. He is the evidence of my word in his own in that regard. As I am evidence for myself - Truth form is truth form, no matter what a moron tells himself or convinces other morons around him, I have spoken truth form.

The tweet was about this blog. Like it or not. And this, the unwritten tract, can be read, but will only be read by those willing to do so. You think it hasn't been written, thus it hasn't. But know that I have written it, and then you can read it.

Doubt about that means only one thing: You have not learned enough. I have cut time off your journey. Take advantage of this blog, or stay lost in the desert. Your Choice. We have made very sure of that.


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  1. U think im him? No, im someone else from the forums u fuckin noob.

    Mr 11/10/83 livin in Penns Grove, bin banned from every forum bout th game. Fuck off n die a prolonged death


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