Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ambiguously right up in your face.

THE GUARDIAN: Is it difficult to get away from the underlying structure of open world game missions: go somewhere, shoot people, get something, get out. Is it hard to break that mould [sic] with GTA V?

DAN HOUSER: We've thought long and hard about it, but the reality is, structured missions – being given a task and completing a task – they feel like life. In a game, when you're doing missions you're doing a job, and in the open world you do what you want. To us that's the best way to replicate the structure, and the lack of structure, of life. I don't see the benefit of throwing that away. 
The trick is not making it feel too mannered and predictable and hopefully we've broken that up. I think players like the combination: things they're told what to do, tasks where they're not told what to do but know they have to achieve something specific, and things where they're able to explore for themselves. We try to give you all of those in a variety of different ways.
Source, Dan Houser Interview at The Guardian

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The French should really have no problem understanding the tract:

Existing translations are not the best.
A new translation is required;

French Reader and Epsilon Enthusiast:

Please correctly translate the article to show the English sillies
how Dan Houser has talked about effecting the scenario indirectly.

Where he has spoken about changing the story without realizing it.

Where he has spoken about effecting the journey directly without being aware.

Where he spoke about morality playing a role, but that it is about freedom of choice,
above and beyond some kind of morality.

10,000 Thank You's to the person who correctly translates that Article.



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