Monday, October 7, 2013

The Chiliad Mural: A New Paradigm


What do you see? A mountain, lightning bolts, a UFO at the top. Yet you cannot make sense of what lies within that imagery.

The black lines and paths - your little Ant Farm there - are turns and twists in the story, which you are unaware as of yet that you have even made. You will understand that part when I write about the current 8th paradigm and the 9th paradigm of Epsilonism. For now, just take my word for it.

The 5 X's are choices you can make in this game which are unforgivable acts. Although you can go up and down in the eyes of Karma, which are the eyes of Kraff, there are 5 things in this game that can be done which will make your character unsavable, unforgivable, and doomed to wander the desert forever in search of a nirvana which is no longer there for you and has no pity for you. The nature of Karma is portrayed.

When Franklin knocks out that gardener, he crosses the line from being a good worker as a Repossessions Specialist, and becomes nothing more than a mere thug criminal with a title.

Did you know that you killed a man that you could have bribed at another point of the story?

Did you know that Packie is in this game? If not, then you killed him while stopping a robbery and never even knew. This game is deep. The 9th generation is here, on the current gen, just as the journalists have told us before the game came out.

When Michael confronted and killed his psychologist, were you even aware that his blip was blinking red and blue? Hey, did you even unlock that moment? Or did you ignore your mental health?

Does any of this make a difference? No one has explored all the possibilities, and none will document this as thoroughly as I will. You're missing a lot more than you think at the time I am writing this.


  1. hi onebeach, what's the goal act like this for the game? it's just for moral or more?

    1. I'm not onebeach. I was watching you. I watch everyone who links to me.

  2. Didn't kill the gardener, and yes, used Packie in a heist. And let shrink live. did all this first time.

    1. Spend time with family. Spend time with friends. Spend time with the characters together.

  3. 777, 333, law and chaos, auric egg, the seven rays, one lightning bolt cracking the auric egg, the eye.

  4. The box in the prologue, mother fucking bastard cunts :P .

  5. Crosses are interesting because they are "two-sided". You can draw a cross because you found an interesting place or a treasure. But you can also draw a cross once you've seen an empty place where there is nothing to see. You can follow a map containing crosses or draw crosses on a map and push others people to follow. That's "DISCOVERY/ALERT" :


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