Thursday, October 31, 2013

Subreddit Launched

Update: CharlieMarrow aka AnEvilVet hijacked the sub and now those who supported us and me have gotten them banned and the sub banned. Thank you.

I have launched a subreddit. Let those morons doubt until their face is blue, they will never be The Blue that way.

ANYTHING that confuses you, ANYTHING you are unsure of, ask me about it. I will give you better answers on any question you've got than anyone else has produced in all of this time.

Trolls, doubters, and morons will be banned - Not so you can taste your own medicine, but so that your cynic nonsense does not bitter the taste of truth.

Cast your doubts aside, and then you can participate. Participate, and I will reveal more than you are even aware.

Ask and be answered. This subreddit will "solve" the mystery before the other one does, as long as you use it, I personally guarantee you that.

Questions about the blog? Questions about the game? Questions about other things (you will have more questions once you understand)? Leave them there, and I will respond to them.

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