Friday, October 18, 2013

As you can see, the tract is written.

From Epsilonism Today, the official Rockstar administered twitter of the Epsilon Program:

This is only just beginning to get strange for doubters.
But everyone will be happy in the new beginning.

Anarchy is not and was never the target.
And faces change every 2, 4, or 8 years.
That person is not a target. And never is.
The target is to reach each other all of us.
Even "them" and "they" who are also Us.
The target is to become as One, live as one.

Our message is deniable only in doubt and fear.
Not of anyone externally, but who is internally scared.
Otherwise, it is refutable only through the merit of ignorance.
The beast remains the same, regardless the wings which lead its flight.
The beast is not even aware that it is irrational.

This all belongs to all of us.
I say only what I have been told.
I repeat only that which I have learned.

We are too large for our own establishment.
We must learn to give and we will finally receive.
We must learn upwards generosity and cast away doubt.
In ourselves, and in each other, and in our ability to be as One.

Doubters are antithesis.
Knowers are anti-doubter.

The Awakener is Many.

My speech is not anti establishment.
My speech is not anti religious.
I am not anti spiritual.
We are equals.
It is so.

You Didn't Know?

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