Monday, October 14, 2013

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

I have spoken no evil and told no lie here. I've just spoken an experience, third and first and third-first person and parable and so on and nothing is off limits information belongs to all of us.

In its parody of our lives, the most persecuted game series of all time has has faced humanity with the dilemma of knowing itself and casting aside doubt.

Through technology, the artists in each of their multitudes of works that combine to create each bit contained on each disc of GTA IV and GTA V have faced us all who witness it with a truth so profound and illuminated that it cannot be avoided. As it is simulated, deeper than the goings on in the movie part. It is wider than the guns and cars of the past. It is mirror to our lives as portrayed by our own medias and as emulated by us. So as we emulate media, and media emulates us, as game technology does so, it becomes almost stomach wrenching to read with understanding eyes.

But fear not, because there are great things ahead for all of us who remember who we all are together and  we are not in need of fear or of doubt, as we are not in need of the glorious and many systems of government that have brought us here. We are one world now.

The Internet has brought us together as one where order is kept and people are respective or are disrespected. I am my own example, I am all that you see in these writings, and so are you as I have said in these writings, at some points devastatingly so, and so I feel your pain as you know as you are able to feel mine through your relation to me,  we are all related, even red heads, and I will argue that with Cris himself. Cris has become drunken with ideology and lost touch of the underlying message.

This, the parody and satire of our lives, has succeeded in mirroring the plight of humanity in analog so truthful that it will make weepy those who did not see it sooner.

Every single problem we have in this world is because each and all of us submit to our doubts and our fears and we serve a system that was once serving us and has now become a leeching monstrosity.

But as you can see linked in these pages, still being added at my leisure to each post, and still to be added in unreleased content: There are plenty of artists, developers, film makers, musicians, and more who may accept that we all must work to eat, but while they played the game, they have played it well to reach us, and tried their best to wake us up.

The words of our society in music and in film and in games are our words and they are our wants and desires because creators know. We know what you want, because we want it, too.

It's usually behind a curtain, because it has had to be, until now, until it could be proven. The veil is lifted. A game developer has simulated the human condition and run experiment among its base of players. Well done. It was not lost on me.

Moneyless society "was" impossible. It no longer is. Those knowers without children must make more efforts to teach doubters who are without children, so that their children will be provided for and care for, and protected from this machine that has outlasted itself into monstrosity.

Do you have children? If you answer yes - That's okay, talking about it and sharing it is enough, until you all decide the day to enact your Utopia. do your thing, raise those kids to be above the separation that money creates. Teach them to hate money and provide for them and encourage them to say things you like that you find here or elsewhere. You will find nothing that is my own anyway aside from related experiences.

We have all felt all ways I have felt here, because we are all that way, and all the same We are different hairs on the same head, and we are different cherished memories in the same brain. We are each warmed affection in the same heart.

"God has a blog" is not the headline.

"We are God" is the headline.

And it is a #FACT. Christians who doubt that are proven wrong by their own book there.

It all belongs to us. A New World is possible. The machine is built, and the system has served its purpose. It is time for an upgrade. There are more than enough people to maintain it now. Retire at 25. No problem. Do you understand?

I do not need to talk about or politic over unemployment. Both unemployment and employment are outgrown. It is time that we do away with ownership and start sharing instead. Our time. Our efforts. The fruits of our labor. We will all benefit.

Put everyone to work. Do you want to work? Go to work. Do not like that job? Go somewhere else.

Turnover is at an all time high in places that are usually low? Good. Let's all turnover, over and over. Let's all go work for free and learn more in a year than a school could teach in a lifetime. Let's set up automated training hub rooms with videos on repeat for every single place a person could work.

Janitors can stop being janitors and do whatever they really want to do.

"But who will clean up after our pathetic filth?"

Wow, you really are an asshole. Stop being so filthy. And clean up after yourselves. Do you miss the concept here? If you see a trash can that is full, pull the bag out and put a new one in. Put the trash to the dumpster. Someone will pick that shit up. I will do it from time to time. Driving and dumping and loading shit, that can be done by people for fun on their way for groceries. You do not seem to understand how utterly simple it would be to keep things going as they are and multiply the workforce by orders of magnitude at the same time AND have everyone living and sharing in a world where poverty no longer exists and there are large public feasts and festivals of love all the time.

Or do you understand?

Have you cast away your doubt? Are you ready to cast away your cane?

Are you ready to start playing with the idea of a populace strike for our humanity? Are you prepared to stop being all alone at your job, and to have a few assistants? Are you prepare to give a little and get a lot? The entire world, the entire world stands to benefit to become prepared for this, and to become free of money and rich with integrity... 2.0

It takes only the lack of doubt and the leap of faith. It is not hard at all. Simply, really. A nice show of upwards generosity is to work willingly and without payment of "money".

You who will work without payment will be followed by the army of unemployed the world over who will help with your work, as you teach them to do the work, and they teach others after them.

You do not need payment for you can eat as you wish of the grocer stores. Where they work without payment because they can bring their car to the mechanic and have it fixed without payment. Why does it have to be their car? Why not just get in and drive? Like GTA, without the cops or angry people mad at you for needing to go somewhere.

It is not a bad idea. Car pooling is a joke compared to just... there you are: sandbox planet.

There you go, everyone. Why don't we call this Sandbox Planet?

Those already pushing the gears of our great, great society that is almost about to be rendered in vain, keep pushing them. Call to your fellow man, who is already seeking work in the lines - bring him to help you. Allow him to help carry your kit, ask for his help to stir your pigment. Allow him to apply strokes to the trim as you coat the walls.

Pay him nothing. Charge the owner of the wall nothing.

You are a builder. And you know things need to be built. Build the future.

As the farmer who knows things need to be farmed and raised can continue to farm them and raise them, and feed you, and charge you nothing.

Because he goes to the refueling station and fills up for free. In the truck that was parked somewhere one day which he drove away with for free. It was built by the car loving mechanics and technicians for free who did not seek payment from their superiors and only knowledge was sought for their labor.

Because our labors are our works. Our works are our being. What can you possibly buy when nothing is on sale, but free?

Work has to be done. A world of appreciation awaits those who give of themselves, and forget their doubt. A world of reward and abundance awaits all of mankind who will expel their money away from them and instead give of themselves to provide for the world, as the world does the same to provide unto you.

We have more than enough already. I do not recognize the book they are selling, but their video is verifiable. We are capable of letting every person live like they make 200,000 dollars a year, minimum.

You must make the change and decide that you are done being a slave to doubt. It must be a slow decision, because in this instance, "you" are the world of all of us together. It must be planned, it must come from the top down, and it must be prepared for.

But it must not take too long.


  1. You are an island of fair and reasonable comment in the wild GTA V goose chase. I believe that you are a very grounded person with a strong grip on reality, and by no means do you appear to be spouting a lot of nonsense.

    You are correct in believing that your assertion that there is a karma system in a video game is a life, nay, history changing event. And you have identified this system conclusively with a large amount of incontrovertible evidence.

  2. Lol Brian you Cray Cray

  3. Why don't you try writing more specifically about the game? And less of this profound nonsense.

  4. Tell them all Brian. Tick... Tick..., Now do you see through yet cloudy eyes? Awaken! Be born... Sincerely- The underground Overman


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