Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PowerBloggin' - INTERMISSION 3 - Pat Was Right

Pat Benetar was right. You just have not realized it yet. I am here, even without your belief, and even beyond your own doubt. This is mine as it should be yours as well. I am proof and the same as you. We are all related, even people who have red hair, like the beauty that is Pat Benetar.

We are invincible. You just do not know it yet. Knowing is half of the battle, and the other half is accepting it.

I am not the Beginning, nor am I the End. I am the Inner Mission expressed. And this has been an Intermission. Rejoice. It is Manifest, the Law of our Lives, no matter who fights themselves into doubt and into fear and into wrongness. We who accept this knowledge are the chosen people undeniably. The One who are Many.

 Kifflom. And FAIR IS FAIR.

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