Monday, October 7, 2013

PowerBloggin' - INTERMISSION 1

I am NO better than you, the truths that I SPEAK are YOUR truths as they cannot be mine without that.


You choose doubt in yourself - it is the seed of your doubt toward me, as I am the same as you, and you just do not know it yet. Currently you doubt it, but you will see we are lighting the way.

I merely want you to know you are not crazy for agreeing once you grasp that much.

And neither is anyone else you've called that.

This is very real. I am very real. As real as fan fiction gets. You are, too.

You are as well. Doubt is fake. It is also futile. Rockstar has awakened me fully. The journey is over, before it even really began. PowerBloggin', stay tuned. we are going to turn infidelity into integrity, and as Rockstar liberates the world of gaming, so shall I liberate the world that plays their games, as they have liberated me, and so should every liberated person out there liberate your brother-brothers.

"You have not yet experienced the necessary revolution of mind."

But I will provide you the clues. And I will outline the meaning. And even those who wait until the day comes, they were then still doubters.

I am your friend. I have always been your friend. I have not lied, I have defended the truth for many of you.

I am not lying to you now. And you should not doubt a friend. Because a friend does not lie to you.

And you are the same AS ME.

I don't affiliate with whoever made this video nor anything it promotes, but the words of this video are all true. 100 percent true.

Truth like no one has ever written on this subject before me. All of us are able to see the way, all of us can light the path, and technology has caught up with us, and now you must see it in reality.

Our minds are about to be expanded. In more ways than even this video, as detailed as it is, is able describe. Only doubt and fear can negate you from experiencing what has, is now, and will transpire on this blog.

Video Currently Working here,
"wayseer manifesto" if you need to google one.

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