Thursday, October 10, 2013

Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

In the very example of myself you can see the example of yourselves. The same as me and I love you all. Be it. Believe it. Dream it. Doubt it. But Be It. When it's right that could go without saying but I said it because nothing is right. The artist is expressive. Expression is rooted in the soul.

You just need to listen to the people around you and listen to what they tell you.

I can tell only what the expression of others has told me. We can use their works as an example for things we ourselves want to say, and we can show works that stand as an example similar to the one in the singular chronological piece I wrote here consisting of precisely the first 23 posts.

Why did I need to? Has anyone not learned? What kind of world do we live in? A deaf one?

If you already know then why are things the way that they are?

If you doubt everything there is to believe in, all rolled into one big self-empowerment blog derivative literary opus based around a game which is also based around everything you could possibly "believe" in all rolled into one with the potential that things have been left out, but still very clear that doubters are unsavables, then that is because we will never save ourselves.

One piece of one person's ostracized and persecuted experience with things outside of the orthodox, but when completely understood, how can you disagree that we must all love one another?

How can you disagree that this game points out the preconditioned behaviors we are suffering predisposition to in gaming?

How can you doubt that and say that you understand even anything at all that you believe?

Grand Theft Auto is now so close to being able to really feel like a real unique experience for all people and that is one thing, but to deny the 9th paradigm as you sit interfaced with the joypad in your hands before you even have the 9th platform, is utter monkey business. That is the acid trip, friend.

Yet do not get so excited about technology which will be then just one more notch away from being better and smarter and more self sufficient than you are.

And don't doubt that it is far more advanced and wonderful and glorious already than you could possibly imagine with your very limited knowledge of what the usage data, theater mode vaults, kinect, and the other things in games are used for and aid in and help to achieve.

It is very important that we take the art that Rockstar and many others have provided. The stuff they were mad at John and Paul for, the stuff they were mad at Eminem for.

Always pretending it's too sexy or too violent. Sex drugs and violence, but they are liars, and they lie about everything, they lied about the beatles like they lie about Jesus. It's the underlying message that matters the most. That's what they attack.

They are the doubters. "They" are each and all of us who does not agree with Love and Healing, and only subscribes to Fear and Destruction.

Each and all reasons the world is the way it is lies within each and all of ourselves.

The news is not bad, we are. We're not all bad. And we could All be a lot better.

GTA V is attacked for the underlying messages. And soon it will be under fire for the same old things, which will immediately be futile because Saints Row is untouched and blatantly shit in terms of anything that anyone has ever attacked conscious and bright creators about. Excuse my language.

When they go after GTA again, just know, it's because it was created to wake you up, like all great albums, movies, and literature. And it's going to.

Read the interviews. Watch the trailers. Look at your Futile and Endless search in the Deserts Of Los Santos. Look at my companion piece, the ramblings of Brian Meech who should have stayed in Broker if not for that One last special reader, of this or any other supporting work or any other bright disruption of the machine.

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