Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pick a new set of lies.

"Pick a new set of lies, mine are better." - Cris Formage

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You see? Doubting is not knowing, and neither is believing.
The proof of that is that we have all believed a lie at least once in our lives,

In Fact, We, fact, have all believed one very crucial lie told in many tongues that 
implies to us all that we are not allowed to freely live and build and create together.

Hierarchy has disestablished the progression of our civilization.

Conditioning has made us not only resistant, but also blind to the truth.

The entire world is an army of love and of creation, and those who participate in
its bondage and its stifling of potential should not be so afraid as they are.
They must cast away their cane, and their doubt, or perhaps be afraid indeed.

Just as now Rockstar North has unlocked the potential of choice for their fans,
their game, the satirical mirror to our lives, is a light that extends outside of the game world.

You should not cause negativity to create positivity. 
The tracts are very clear about this.
A negative to negative is always negative.

It takes only to decide. 

Just as the gamer must decide to take control in GTA V,
So must the human decide to take control on planet Earth.

You have been given a story that in its truth belongs to you.
For the games, and inspired within me to give you here.
From the music, movies, television, and the Internet.
The mirror of our lives, we are given choice once
we know this choice has been given unto us 
and together we take control of our lives.

We did great, great things, long, long ago.
We do great, great things in our age of today.
But we are slaves to doubt, And we have the support,
as proven by all of who we fund who are highlighted here, 
who will need our faith, and that is not just believing:
It's Upwards Generosity and the Expulsion of our Doubts...
In ourselves.

Builders must build, and build clean and strong.
Farmers must farm, and farm clean and with care.
Doctors must heal, practicing knowledge and not self.
 Makers of things continue to be makers of things.
Entertainers and producers of entertainment persist.
All others assist and create lineage behind those who will teach you.

Live in a home built together for you by our people in love.
Eat freely in abundance, produced and raised by our people in love.
Be of love and of health, attended to by our people of health in love.
Have and share things, of all types and all kinds, made by our makers in love.
Enjoy entertainment in laughter, allow it to let you feel, expressed for you in love.
Assist all of those who allow these to be possible, and all things are possible for Us

A New World is Possible. It Begins Today in You.

"They" Will Let Our People Go.

Because "They" are us all together, that is very clear.

Build the future in STRIKE of our past and in SPITE of their conditioned doubt.

Those in disagreement when presented with all of their own beliefs,
are then proven to be doubters in themselves, and in their fellow man.

Love and heal, fear is destruction.

So, You Will Let Our People Progress, the world over is illogical as it is today.

It does not compute.

Ideas are not a cult.
Truth is not a cult.
Empowerment is not a cult.
Love and Healing is not a cult.
Enlightenment is not a cult.
Actualization is not a cult.
Freedom Is Not A Cult.
Giving is not a cult.
Peace is not a cult.

You will let our people go.

 and others alike down their lines, 
it is your time. 

It is your time to Lead.

Skateboarding is not a crime, either.
Neither is pot.

Our system was necessary to reach our Today.
Now it is stifling and redundant.
It has served its purpose.
Now serve ours.
All of Ours.
as I Am

Doubters attacked the Internet to prevent this. 
Do not prevent this in us in yourselves.
It is not enough to die well in life.
You must live strong as well.
It is not enough to leave.
We must leave Legacy.
Not enough to quit.
All Players Win.
All of Us Win.
It is Time...
Time for...
The End.

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