Monday, October 7, 2013

Nothing shows Truth Form more than Upwards Generosity

"Nothing shows truth form more than upwards generosity, and nothing shows wrongness more than doubt."

And it sure does take a fair bit of upwards generosity to read and accept what is being told to you here, but the reward will be greater than that effort is. You didn't even try that hard.

And so I applaud you heartedly. For taking the time, and for giving the benefit of your doubts.

Practice upward generosity and you can know. It takes only the benefit of your meager and fearful doubt, and you can know the secrets to GTA V. And with wisdom, indeed, the secrets to the world and universe will be laid before you here, and the horse will drink when it wants to. When the desert has made him too dry and parched to avoid the soul quenching wetness of the upwards generosity I am practicing here.

There is no rush. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

You cannot put a price on knowing. Believe me, I've tried. In #FACT, if you ever try to put a price on knowing, it is you who will pay the price. That is why, I theorize, Rockstar left this tract, this blog, unwritten. Because even with the best intentions, you would have had to pay to read this. And you would not have had to make the decision for yourself. Hand holding is over.

They are unconnected to me, though I have had relationships with some employees of theirs from time to time. Ones who did not complain. I believe I knew a cousin or something once as well, but I'm not sure.

They are not bad at all. In truth, it was blame up their ranks. Defiance toward their elders, if you will. Yet also, defiance of themselves, as victims of doubt. As the sheep blame the politicians, another analogy. It was doubt in themselves, and fear of their deadlines, fear of their quality, in art, production, programming, and in their lives. Fear of angry wives, partially planted by Roger Waters and the rest a result of youths riddled with free thinking while not really free at all.

Pointing the finger and blaming their bosses for late nights that they signed up for by feeding the monster that is the game development industry. Which, in itself by the way, is basically a cult of Internet trolls these days. Rockstar is pure, Poland Springs, delicious. They have proven that to me, and I will prove that to you.

I am lucky enough to have good friends and bad friends. But I have only had friends. And they have only left that impression for me that people complain too much, while suffering too much doubt. But I could be wrong. Because I can entertain and humor that kind of illogical doubt sometimes.

If you are a game developer, and indeed if you are effected by the speech above, do not even fret. Today is new for you. Today I will set you free from the machine.

You do not have to work at work anymore. You have tools at your fingertips now that you know as well as I do are about to explode in this API popularity contest. The people have won, the masses just do not know it yet. Get Unity. As soon as you possibly can. Write a game in it. Model a world for it. Whichever you do, network with your friends and former colleagues to do the other parts and the other things.

Marketing is the most important thing and that is easy now as well. You have forums like DigitalPoint, the WarriorForum, where you may not be interested in the community, but the community is very, very interested in marketing your product, on a paid per sale basis, digitally, in any number of ways you can imagine or in any number of ways you have not yet imagined.

This one is for the game developers. Take your mother flipping shackles off and own your portion of this 100 billion dollar a year market. It is easy now, and when you wake up to the facts in this post, you will be there to help me as well. I win only if you win. You all win only if I win. The world will change. My fingers will pour the words into your mouth.

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