Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nothing is More Fitting of #FACT

It is fitting that the most persecuted game development outfit has brought within the most persecuted properties, in one of the most persecuted forms of entertainment in the the world, a bright light so blindingly real that most of the people who have read these words have been forced to close their eyes and seek comfort through their doubt and seek revenge through their ridicule.

Fitting: That a man who often feels so persecuted by the world that he lashes out to fight against being forced to swallow the constant ridicule and doubt that he faces which has become a constant lump within his throat has been awakened by what those most evil on the Earth attempt to label the most Evil Development on The Earth.

And they are wrong about Rockstar, as they are wrong about their games, as they are wrong about Brian, and they are belligerent and they are unknowing, as they are the doubters.

He sits alone in a world all by himself, even when people are around. A world of his own which is supposed to belong to everyone equally. He is not alone and you yourselves know this to be true within your very relation to that statement.

They downtrodden him and ridicule him and believe that he is lesser than they are. They claim that he has delusions of grandeur and that he believes he is greater than they are, as they ignore his repeated promise that you are the same as he is, as they practice the most ignorant form of hypocrisy known to man kind, as evidence herein and in the pages of this blog.

He has proven you are the same by behaving in the same ways that you must now behave in order to protect the lies that you have been told to believe, else those who tell you to believe them will punish you. He has proven that he is the same as you by showing that he can fall into fear the same.

He is not the Beginning, nor is he the End. You are the next step, this horn has been tooted and then humbled to respect time as much as it does deserve equal respect to truth.

He is not going to back down, not quit. He will deliver us our luxury which we do not believe we have.

Doubt will fuel intrigue; Hate mongers will expose themselves as scared of equality. Time must be respected along with Truth, and Doubters are Still Unsavables, because this is all about saving ourselves, and doubters do not know, so they do not know they are endangered.

He will continue to love and to be spat at. To teach and to himself learn. To deliver this Truth.

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