Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No One is Perfect - Rockstar does Not expect You to be perfect

No one is perfect. Especially not me. I love to masturbate on a specific schedule, not too much, not too little. Just the right amount to keep me comfortable and not too overfilled with the knowledge of the future. If my girlfriend doesn't want to make love, I don't mind. I can enjoy myself, and still please her when she wishes.

According to the Catholics, I am going to hell. For premarital sex, and for masturbating, all the while we all know what is common to hear about their twisted practices upon the alter. According to Me, they are not the authority. I Am.

Neither is the government an authority that you do not yourself give up to them. You are the government authority. Everywhere, even in places where you think this is not true. Do you or did you ever wish you could live in 'Merica? America is not a place. It is a state of mind. Just like there is a state of mind you experience when you sit down to play a video game. Be freer than United States Citizens. They are not free. Be America free, the world over.

In video games, you are typically expected to perform specifically and accordingly to a set path or face the risk of suffering serious setbacks to your progression through the game. To be good at the game, you have to know how to beat it. To beat the game, you must understand the rules of the game. To understand the rules of the game, you have to first learn them. Learning cannot begin until you have acknowledged that you are playing the game that you are playing.

In Grand Theft Auto V, your humanity has been embraced and given a glimpse of the freedom that waits in store for us in the ninth generation of consoles, the Ninth Paradigm of Epsilon, and the 6th iteration of GTA. I am providing you with a glimpse of how things can be if you apply this knowledge to the real world.

Remember that game True Crime: Streets of LA? Remember that easter egg gag in GTA San Andreas?

"True Grime: Street Cleaners"

A source of the inspiration for that game was stolen from Rockstar by an ex employee. That is the story of the easter egg from GTASA, yet the story is much deeper than previously realized. True Crime introduced a "Karma System" which judged you based on how many people you killed that were good, and how many enemy baddies you defeated.

Thus, something that Rockstar has done much more subtly and far more cerebrally, was stolen, done wrong, and led to a whole bunch of games which gave you the illusion of choice, yet still did not respect you as a human being. Mass Effect has been the first one, in my eyes, to come close to this.

But the paragon system is not subtle, and you know what you are doing, it isn't right that way, it isn't breaking your preconditioned behaviors, it isn't breaking any ground, it's just breaking ground for action RPGs while what Rockstar has done in GTA V has broken the Earth and unleashed my full potential to put the pieces back together.

And it is Glorious.

Power over 9000.

You are not expected to be a saint. You are expected to be real. And you are provided the clues, and now I provide you with the meaning. Drink or don't drink. Be free or not free. As a gamer, and as a human.

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