Thursday, October 24, 2013

LOL - the crazies and stupids are so scared.

Going through today's comments (all of which will be published in due time), I came upon one particular mouth-breather I'd like to address publicly:

"Just a heads up, I've contacted the FBI and have had a meeting with them over the phone concerning your behavior online and now these threats. They understand that you are probably harmless but at the same time are also concerned for your safety and the safety of those around you. They promised me that they will keep a close eye on you and monitor you during your comings and goings when it concerns public places. I just didn't want you to get spooked or become frightened if you noticed anything strange. Please do not approach these men/women. They are only there for your safety. I made them promise me (for what that's worth) that you will not come under any harm. Please take care of yourself." 

Really? You called the FIB on me, big shot? You are not only a lunatic fuck, but a liar to boot. lol (at you). Too uneducated to handle art, you are definitely not intelligent or mature enough to handle Grand Theft Auto V, and you need to do a lot of philosophy and spirituality reading before you even read this blog, let alone before you should be allowed to play that game. Get off of the Internet, moron, you are the cancer to intellect, and this blog is the compliment to it.

You are simply not educated enough to understand what you have read. In fact, you, fact, probably have not even read it, and if you have, you are not well read enough elsewhere to understand, let alone the shining given that you are unaware of the lore behind it all in the first place - the Lore of the game, and the Lore that Inspired that game, which has been the last spark of inspiration I needed to deliver the unwritten tract.

You pathetic little turds are nothing, know nothing, and you are wandering in the desert, and scared of the person who has brought you a drink. You're stupid. The proof is in the pages of this blog, as each thing written is based upon truths direct from books, musicians, and film. Direct from the human psyche and the human condition, and not from the lies you were told as a little piece of shit moron before becoming the big piece of shit moron that you certainly are today.

No wonder you can't figure out the "secret" in a video game - it is beyond your level of intelligence, and you're not even intelligent enough to listen to someone who understands it. Search that desert. Mine salt for 50 years. I don't care.

Grow up, go outside, kill yourself for all I care, but watch your doubts turn to tears as smarter people than you discover these pages. Anything strange in this blog is evidence that you do not know enough to have an opinion on it in the first place. Idiots are a dime a dozen. You are one of them. The FIB know.

You do this to yourselves. You bring my attention upon you. You are morons who are to be laughed at for speaking without being informed before you do so. You are a waste of a post, except that it shows: I am provoked, and I defend myself. It has always been that way. You victims can't stand the heat? Then get the fuck out of Our Kitchen before you get doused with the Oil of Truth, proverbially speaking.

You open your pathetic uneducated mouth and pick fights that you can't win, and then cry foul when you lose. Worthless, pathetic doubters are the shit on my shoes, I'm walking all over your doubts.

Let's see what kind of pathetic fearful and doubtful fantasy you come up with about this now.

So satisfying.... It is... the greatest pleasure on Earth.

Straight out the good book, look, dumb pussies are shook.

And if you're thinking I'm going to fall off, you're so wrong.
You're going against me? You're making a mistake!
Not a finger was lifted, and not a fuck was given.
You are now about to witness the power.
There is nothing spookier to morons.
Nothing more frightening to them,
those who cling to their doubt.
In themselves before in me.
You cannot doubt truths,
unless you are dumb.
Free will is choice.
Fair enough...
For me.

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  1. Me siento muy bien, por llegar a leerte por fin.


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