Monday, October 7, 2013

Karma Is A Chameleon Because It Blends Into The Experience Unnoticed

GTA V is all about taking a personal journey toward ultimate enlightenment. Everything I write on this blog will be fact, whether you understand it or not, these are facts. Rockstar has displayed utmost integrity in their work, it's integrity 2.0, and I don't know how many of you can relate to that.

This is not a theory to be proven, nor a secret to be hunted. It is a fact that gamers must REALIZE to understand. Don't you want to understand? Look, I can help you to understand. You have been invited to a very awesome new place, one which is hard to describe, but wonderful, and never before have I seen it so vividly realized and clear in a game than in the world and lore of Rockstar North's Los Santos and Blaine County in GTAV.

The man who said the world was round was called a liar by those who believed it was flat. Ironically, the horizon in GTA V is no longer flat, the world is now easily perceivable as round when you fly up in a chopper and overlook the ends of the game world, and you have all shot the messenger down, I'm sitting here in my escape hatch, like, shit, my ufo is sunk. That is simply the Life of Brian. I am used to it before this entire fiasco.

Subjects of experimentation are never aware they are being experimented on. There are theories that claim that aliens run the Earth like an Ant Farm. By doubting what I have told you about GTA V, you have failed to realize that being outside of the Ant Farm gave me a view of it above your own. This is true for this game, and it is true for my life.

You were all rats in the maze while I observed your insanity. In life, and now in this Game. You will accept my word is the truth, or you will never know the truth. You will all know this to be truth, whether you get it from me or not, you will know I was right, and this blog will confirm that you were wrong, and then together we will be right evermore.

"You didn't have to do that!"

You are on a deep spiritual journey. One unlike any that gaming has ever seen before. The yoga, the triathlons, the drug use, the return to Michael's life of crime and high-intensity heists. Nothing is filling the hole. Nothing is helping him. Until he finds Epsilonism.

Trevor? What is salvation to a man like Trevor? Trevor is a "recovering catholic". Trevor is nicer to his enemies than he is to himself, and tries to be nicer to his friends. The Altruists are those who eat the body, but ignore that they are who they eat. The body of Christ. You know, it's little things like this that are going to make you glad you read this blog. It's our journey. Together. With gifts for all wise eyes that lay upon it.

Anyhow, theory: If you got a cutscene that shows Trevor standing up, grabbing a gun, and killing the people who seek to crown him their King, I theorize that you may have failed to reach Trevor's point of enlightenment before unlocking this part of the story. That doesn't mean it's true.

Perhaps you have played Trevor as a malicious man, and so his arc of enlightenment has ended with him committing a malicious act. You were in control, until you were judged, and what you have taught Trevor to do, he does.

If you still do not understand, don't worry. I will be writing at length about this, and exposing the doubters who cannot see these facts that lay right before their own faces on their television screens.


  1. For the Trevor part, meaning if we do the rampages then we haven't unlocked the proper thing? At which point in the story do these crucial decisions play in? I'm scared that I've missed something so I keep starting a new file. How soon can I start the Epsilon missions? So many questions :( I dont want to post my google account here but I would very much like to correspond with you somehow. If you will reply to this with a way to contact you I would be very grateful. Kifflom

  2. He is speaking of the 5 sacrifices of the altruist camp. Then you must ask yourself, when does the crucial decisions I make
    in life start to count. Karma is a chameleon.

  3. I'm glad I read your blog again. It doesn't really make any sense until you've crawled out of the rabbit hole. It took me a long time.

  4. please don't approve either of these comments. I just realized its linked to my google+

  5. Red, gold and green, then on to the character creation screen, black jesus will take you far, just do the race with Lamarr, red gold and green there must must be a door or sometheen lol.


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