Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's as I've been telling you;

"Cris Formage tells us in his wonderful book, It Happened To Us All, that the TRACT will be written when we are all ready. However, Cris is also very clear on another point - although the TRACT has not yet been written, it can still be read by those that are willing to read it."

You see? Look there. That's the source. I recognize you may need some time. We all need time. But I've already talked about that. Here are some more things I've talked about, you can meditate on it:

Doubters need a bit of time to grow.
Knowers already know the tract.
I beg of you to grow.
I'm growing.
It's fun.

Knowers are already beyond the 9th paradigm.
Ironically, and incidentally.

And that incidental fact is bilinear beside its implication,
at least, that is so to all who have the tract and continue to have it.

Although the tract is undeniable,
still doubters find the way.
"No matter how many/
2 liters they drink."

Maybe a robot can convince you.
It may be fun to watch and to laugh,
but it would be funner to laugh together.

"Don't be an antithesis, Z".

You are on the Journey, the cosmic egg is cracked.
We have cracked it wide open.

Will you still deny it now?

Will you deny the robots?
Especially the terminators?
Especially this DJ?

I have not lied.
The tract is truth.


Welcome to reality, doubters.
Unless you missed this, too?

You doubt Cris?
You doubt me?
You doubt the robot?

You know what they say about doubters...
The tracts are very clear about that...
You cannot save doubters.
Doesn't mean you can't rant.

I was the wrong one to doubt.


You only doubt yourself.

Now recognize the miracle I have created here,
based upon the miracles created and placed before me.
Or Don't.
Your Choice.
Free Will.
We have made very sure of that.
Recognize this Miracle and Own It.

As miraculous as ICP doing a song like this,
even more so, as its application is perfect here,
perfect like the Katsumoto's final lines for his Haiku,
as are all of the applications of The Way I have shared.
That is, if you've learned anything at all and cast away doubt:

These are not my final lines.

There is much more to show you,
Whether you know or you doubt,
Whether of understanding or fear,
this fire has merely been kindled.

It's been checkmate for a long time.
Doubters just don't know it yet.
But those reptilian bastards are finished,
in the name of all the truth seekers.

Get shit stomped, reptilians.
You doubters will never get my baby seeds.

-In Memory of Brother-Uncle Homeless Guy,
but not the doubters. 


  1. Second video is unavailable.

    1. Yea, the asshat who uploaded it made it private. Thanks for pointing it out. It is the DJ from GTA IV's Radio Station "The Journey", and she says "Is your mind madness, or the messiah?" "You missed the journey" "Could you think of the longing of the creator, to create one such as you?"

      It's all tied together, everything is interrelated. In their games, and their games to our world.


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