Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hostes Ad Pulverem Ferire

Doubt is endangered. You are clinging to a dead thought walking when you embrace your doubt in these passages. Dinosaurs are a lied about subject that weak people believe because lack of knowledge is weakness, and doubting is not knowing, and neither is believing.

Whether Dinosaurs existed or not is not under scrutiny at all. However, "when" they existed is not truly verifiable by geologists, who practice a faith in their own, doubters in the name of science, which has already proven them ignorant time and again each time a theory is crushed.

The mind is stronger than all things physical and all forces invisible and all opposition and all doubters as the mind is the Truth and the mind is the Way. Until the mind is free to know, it will be unsavable and poisoned with fear and with doubt.

Doubt is something that ignorant people use to comfort themselves and justify their indiscretions in life and toward other people.

The enemy is doubt, and doubt has become an endangered species behind the pages of this blog, which holds information that should be plagiarized as well as linked and so shared. That is accordingly proper because this information belongs to all of us.

Those who laugh now will cry later.

Those who are crying now will begin laughing at those who are behind them in this journey.

Those who are laughing will be laughing to open you up. The doubt with in you will be exterminated by love and the doubt within you will die off from knowledge's infection into humanity.

Reborn, you will congratulate yourself, and you will deserve those congratulations, which will have been earned through the benefit of your doubt given me, and the wisdom and the ability you will have possessed and displayed in yourself to be able to expel your doubts entirely. Then we will own Nirvana, and we will stop hiding in the desert, from ourselves, where we can't remember who we are, or why we are here.

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