Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Give a Little Love and it all Comes Back To You

I do not want attention as much as I enjoy my privacy. This blog is where I have decided to keep the things I feel compelled to share with any person who is willing to give the benefit of the doubt, and give themselves what society's trainers have cheated them.

In the least of the likely places, you can find more than meets the eye. And in and among the darkest and dirtiest and dankest places, a light can be found so bright the world over will never be oppressed again.

The Internet was what was missing each and every time before. The infrastructure that would allow the world to have its chance, without it being extinguished as a mere local and lunatic inspired heresy by liars in faith.

Those who will read my words with open eyes will know better than to doubt themselves ever again.

They will know power greater than is fair to promise them before they have reached understanding of this.

You give a little love and it will come back to you. Rockstar are the catalyst to your freedom in gaming and their work, when viewed with wisdom to benefit the doubt, has become catalyst to the freedom of this very planet as yet unaware of this #FACT. The analogy that is Grand Theft Auto V, has unlocked what once was nearly buried.

I have been unlocked as to unlock your final levels.

Those who persecute and doubt me as I lay praise into them shall be outnumbered by those who no longer persecute and place doubt into themselves.

Share this blog. Do not allow the fakes who herd you in your slumbers to be allowed to silence this message if you agree with it. It feels like truth because it is manifest truth.
beatles sun king (and I can recommend continuing)


  1. I am trying to spread the word. Knocking thw dust off my youtube channel!

  2. dosent help when you write crypticly could you explain in laymens terms please

    1. It's not really cryptic. It's for a group - a chiliad - to come together and see as a group. What you do not understand with 998 others, another out of you will understand. What he or she does not understand along with 998 others, you will understand. What you both do not understand with 997 others, another will understand.

      I wrote this to make sure no one can ever undermine the message. You must all come together, come as a full circle, a full chi-liad, together. I will help when this occurs.

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