Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fan Fiction? Or is it #FACT?

Potentially Hypothetical Email Scenario #1

"Dear Brian, if that is even your real name,
You are really scaring me because I have never read anything like this before. Is this just fan fiction, or is it #FACT? I am a gta fanatic and this is all too strongly connected to avoid, I need to know the truth, please tell me the truth? I promise I won't tell anyone."

History will provide you that answer, as I will here, and as I have before now. Individuals themselves have to decide whether they want this to be an idea and remain slaves or if they would like to embrace the hidden reality that we are all incomplete without, and incomplete until we understand.

If an individual decides that this is just an opinion, then it is in my not-always-humble opinion that that individual is a doubter, in themselves before in me, and lost.

Indeed it is proven to you, through the technological analogy that is Grand Theft Auto V, as you wander a desert that you have failed to earn reward within, searching for knowledge that is presented to you here and is doubted by unsavables.

I believe that all I have written thus far in this content and the content before it has afforded me some authority to have that opinion.

That is my opinion. That is my belief. That is my word. That is my promise, even at the risk of looking egotistical and "too sure of myself". It is only possible for doubters to think that, because this truth is yours the same as it is mine, and I have been very clear about that.

When you are sure, you are sure. 

Have you ever been sure about anything? How did it make you feel when people told you that you were wrong? That is how I feel when I face persecution and doubt in my convictions and in my nature of honesty and in my will which is fueled by integrity in my word. I am not innocent of saying things I do not mean. As balance, I say and have said only things I do mean here.

That is as true as my struggle to maintain face and provide a humble approach with all of this, because I become a hypocrite each time I lose sight of my own word. The only redemption to be found in that is that I am then proof of this my own word which is our word even when unknown to us.

And, upon reading the material, it takes a special kind of stupidity and fear to doubt it. Doubters of this are wrong, as doubt implies they do not know in the first place. A kind of stupidity and fear that was implanted through conditioning of those who seek to hide this Truth from You.

I do not suggest chaos or harm to others in any way. I do not spread anything which I deem to be a lie. I cut through lies with truth in any venue I am versed in. I am versed well, and I am versed long.

You are the same as me every time you believe for yourself that you are.

In Life, we are slaves to a software which exposes limitations that were planted into our minds by the virus that is human bondage and the wanting to be above others.

In Video Games, we have been a slave in much the same way, without even really at large being aware of this #FACT. Grand Theft Auto V has not only been created by people who have overcome that limitation in preconditioned expectations and behaviors of gamers, they have also done so in a way that must be realized to appreciate, to even be aware that it is there.

And I have made it only temporarily possible for you to doubt that it is parody of true life in that very particular regard. You will not know your Nirvana until you recognize that it is yours to grasp.

And with that production, they have inspired me, and then ridicule has inspired me, and then now love and the urgent desire to heal has compelled me. 

It has been a very long road, before me, and for myself, and now it's happening [even if it's not what you expected]. We need only to let it happen, and then it is true for you, as it is already true for me.

Prepare for the Explosion (in consciousness).

Doubt and denial are timed luxuries. Everyone wakes up after they are tired of being tired, but not before they know how, and knowing is the same as being without doubt. Doubters will soon be outnumbered by those who embrace the esoteric mystical knowledge I give unto you here, which was already yours, which someone else took from you, and you haven't realized they have taken it until you stop doubting the truth that I and others unlocked as I Am have spoken.

But, speaking strictly from a legal perspective, this is parody fan fiction.

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