Monday, October 28, 2013

Dedicated to All Truth Seekers

This post goes to the truth seekers.
You were never left behind and not yet late.
You've got to be looking to find it, you're doing it.

These are a very specific dedications to all seekers alike as one.

We'll fix this mess.

We've shed all sorts of light.

I am the blue guy. Like it or not.
The future is coming on.
Like it or not.
And I don't.
Or do I?

You still don't hear me though.

You still don't hear any of us.
We didn't start the fire..
We will carry it.

Oh, you get it? Live it.

One last thing.
It's kind of important.
Thanks for taking this time.

YOU are the green light.
And that is not a murder lingo.
It means "Go", that is Sesame Street.
Before the story is complete.
Let us go together. All of us. How can you deny?
It's not right to deny.
Your voices are mine.
My voice is thus yours.
We speak what is spoken.
Doubt is everywhere.
How is it okay today?

It's not.
It's broken.
It's senseless.
It is s not okay.
It's dark and lost.
It's unwilling to learn.
It's unlearned and like ants.
It's capable yet unable to proceed.
It's out of control though quite under control.
It's the time of our lives overlooked and unrecognized.
It's the walls coming down and the people embracing the gift.
It's the days of our lives at the end of the nights in the ages of doubt.

That the Hershey's Kiss.
Love it.

The tract can be read, but before it can be written to memory, data must be collected.
From the values in polarities upon magnets the data is is drawn as a binary code.
Once the collective binaries are incepted and intercepted they are ready.
For data to be collected, it must be distributed for collection.
The data is distributed and still being distributed more.
You'll never get it alone. We will get it together.
What is seeming strange is a lack of data.
It will be less so strange with data.
It will be understood with data.
It will be read as data,
from the cloud,

Because: fuck doubters.
The voice is all of yours and truth.
The power is ours and it is underestimated.
The data needs a new estimation before interpretation.
The data has received a new approximation for interpolation.


If you're not trying to figure out how,
You're fucking up and you must don't get it.

Of course it's all in our minds,
that's where it belongs.

What preceded was similar to the birth of a black hole,
but bright and well lit, doubtable only to the dim,
and only until the day that the data is thesis.

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